American Business Lists Reports on the Importance of Multiple Marketing Tactics

Business lists may be used to market to businesses, consumers, email users, ethnc groups and more, announces

Direct mail remains a viable advertising method, yet many businesses overlook it in favor of digital marketing. When direct mail is used, tracking results becomes an easier task and companies see results in terms of both new business and repeat customers, according to As direct mail has decreased in volume, those businesses using this advertising method find they obtain great results simply because the ad is seen. Email is easy to ignore, simply because consumers receive so many mailings of this type, yet this isn't the case when direct mail is used.

"Fed Ex conducted a study in 2011 entitled Fourth Annual Signs of the Times Small Business Survey and found that 53 percent of small businesses intended to use traditional advertising methods, such as direct mail, in addition to social media. Doing so helps to ensure both potential and existing customers aren't overlooked. Reaching the desired audience is critical, however, and this is where American Business Lists can be of help," Kathy Troy, spokesperson for American Business Lists, announces.

Companies first need to understand their target audience. Some companies market to businesses, yet other provide products and services for consumers. In certain cases, a company chooses to combine direct mail with email advertising, thus lists are needed for each. As there are numerous mailing options to select from, companies will find they may wish to make use of multiple combinations to ensure the entire target audience is reached.

"A company specializing in reverse mortgages won't benefit from targeting young families just starting out, in many cases. They need to focus on middle aged couples and senior citizens, as many couples are now dealing with issues related to their aging parents. In contrast, most seniors have no need of mailings concerning diapers or orthodontic treatment, as they are now entering the stage of life where grandchildren are growing up and great-grandchildren may soon be arriving. For this reason, each list must be carefully selected to obtain the best results," Troy continues.

According to CMO Council, email marketing provides a 4,300 percent return on investment, as of July 2015, yet 91 percent of individuals subscribe to company emails only to unsubscribe at a future date. Traditional offline marketing generated $93,6 million in 2012, and this form of advertising includes direct mailers. CMO Council goes on to stay that 79 percent of consumers take action when they receive a direct mailer, yet only 45 percent do when it comes to email. When choosing business lists, companies need to keep statistics such as these in mind.

"Some businesses find they benefit from an ethnic list (, yet others must obtain a business list ( The goal of American Business Lists is to meet the needs of all and provide valuable, up-to-date information that will allow companies to grow and thrive. Anything less and we aren't doing our job," Troy declares.

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American Business Lists provides business mailing lists and telemarketing lists that allow companies to target the audience that most wants and needs their products and services. As a result, a company's advertising budget becomes more cost effective and the direct mail response rate significantly increases. The lists are extremely accurate, and staff members are trained to help clients find the best lists for their needs.

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