Featured As Top Pick For Gold Sales On Fox 5 News

America Cash For Gold was recently revealed by Fox 5 News to be the best cash for gold provider, offering up to three times the amount competitors offered for precious metals.

Gold, silver and other precious metals once played an important role in guaranteeing the value of a currency. Now, gold prices rise far higher than the value of the paper dollar in the last ten years, meaning there has never been a better time to exchange gold for cash. Not all cash for gold companies were created equal however, and America Cash For Gold is the provider hitting the headlines.

The cash for gold company has been featured on Fox 5 News as the best provider of cash for gold services and was reported as offering as much as three times the value of their competitors. The company has explained that this disparity is because they own and run their own refinery so there are no middle men eroding the price consumers receive.

Cash for gold is an increasing popular practice among American citizens as the economic situation continues to create hardship which drives individuals to sell off their valuables for assets that can pay the bills. By going to America Cash For Gold, gold owners are assured of getting the best value for their gold and quick payments.

A spokesperson for America Cash For Gold explained, “We own and operate our own precious metal refinery, which is the kind of establishment that most cash for gold companies then re-sell their precious metals onto once the customer has been short-sold on the value of their commodity. By allowing customers to sell directly to us, we ensure that we aren’t paying middle men and customers get a better deal. We also haven’t lowered our prices to match the existing companies, but offer a fair deal directly, which is what has made the news. We get great feedback from our customers and that shouts loud and clear that we are providing a great service, however been recognized by national media outlets for our outstanding value is also welcome.”

About America Cash For Gold:
America Cash For Gold are the only cash for gold company that owns its own precious metal refinery, which enables them to pay out more than any other competitor. Most cash for gold companies are simply acting as middle men and sell it to a refinery- by selling direct to the refinery customers will get the best possible deal.

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