Ameda Direct Announces New Breast Pump Ordering Process Through Insurance

All new moms are now eligible for a free breast pump through their insurance, announces

Ameda Direct announces they are now using technology to streamline the breast pump ordering process through insurance. All new moms with insurance qualify for a free breast pump through their insurance coverage, and the technology makes it easy for the mom to see which breast pump she is eligible to obtain. The ordering process is easy and may be completed via phone or the internet, and text message orders are now accepted. Ameda breast pumps are hospital trusted since 1942, thus moms know they can count on this device.

"The CDC reports breastfeeding rates continue to rise in America, with 80 percent of infants breastfeeding at the time of birth, and more than 30 percent continued to nurse at the age of 12 months. Thanks to the expansion of health care coverage for women, every nursing mother with insurance coverage may receive this free breast pump, making it easier to continue to nurse. The CDC states this is of importance, as they would like to see more than 25 percent of infants exclusively breastfeeding through six months. At this time, the rate stands at 22.3 percent, but the breast pump through insurance may allow the country to achieve this goal," Morgan Howard, spokesperson for Ameda Direct, states.

Women choosing the Insurance breast pump find the Ameda pumps to be of high quality. Each comes with a proven airlock protection icon, which is of great importance. This shows the pump has been approved by the FDA for having the only viral barrier that protects the milk from viruses, mold and bacteria during the pumping process. The custom control feature allows the mother to set the desired level of speed and suction, according to the flow of her milk and her personal comfort.

"Breastfeeding needs to be comfortable for the mother to continue, yet many pumps don't make this a priority in their design. The Ameda pumps do. Furthermore, breast milk is supposed to be healthier for the child, yet this isn't the case if the milk becomes contaminated during the pumping process. This is never of concern when an Ameda pump is used, thanks to the airlock protection system," Howard continues.

Females come in different shapes and sizes, and a mom's shape and size may change after birth. The Ameda Direct pumps come with a custom fit flange system. This allows the mom to find the right fit for her needs at any given time, making use of the seven flange sizes. All flanges may be used with any breast pump and kit made by Ameda.

"Contact Ameda Direct today to learn more about the free breast pump for moms who are insured. With the help of a breast pump, women often find they can continue nursing their child for a longer period of time. This benefits the child in a variety of ways, thus every mom should take advantage of the program today," Howard declares.

About Ameda Direct:

Ameda Direct remains committed to helping moms find the right Ameda product for their needs. They provide breast pumps, replacement parts and accessories, and product experts are on hand to help customers through the ordering process.

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