Amazon Listing Titles with Buyer-Intent Keywords Raise Rank, Says Expert

PPC management agency, Signalytics, is providing clients with game-changing SEO software services that work to optimize product listings for better rankings and increase intelligence, visibility and growth for FBA brands.

Signalytics, a PPC management agency, is providing clients with a game-changing Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool for FBA brands. The company’s software service works to optimize Amazon listing titles for better rankings by gathering the best data for businesses and deploying strategies designed to utilize that data and gain intelligence, visibility and growth.

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SEO is defined as the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a webpage to search engine users. The same principle applies to Amazon product listings. Amazon SEO is the process of optimizing Amazon product listings to rank more highly in Amazon searches for related, buyer intent keywords.

Ranking on Amazon is one of the most critical factors for successful selling as keywords are ranked based on the sales made by the listing for the keyword. Amazon considers the product with the most sales the most relevant and places it on the top of the search results for the keyword.

Amazon SEO, tracking keywords and marketing are time-consuming practices. Signalytics services provide human-augmented advertising management (AI+Managed PPC) software to discover what opportunities products have for achieving ranking dominance. The company makes use of keyword data, purchase data, social traffic and different signals to identify profitable keywords to target in advertising, drive signals from all over the web to increase product visibility and build PPC campaigns based on data.

Additionally, Signalytics runs and manages rebate campaigns for clients, bringing in social signals from Facebook, Instagram and is currently the only company to include TikTok.

“We’ve been able to successfully assist clients with dramatic optimization of their Amazon PPC campaigns. This has resulted in thousands of dollars saved in spend and thousands more generated in both organic and advertising revenue,” says a senior spokesperson for the company.

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