Alternative Consciousness Technology Eases Depression and Anxiety in Women

Energetic healing practitioner offers new webinar to help women overcome mental health challenges

Women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder between puberty and age 50, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Women are also more likely to suffer from depression during their lifetime as well.

“Anxiety and depression are an epidemic among women,” said Janet Thurgood, a certified Quantum Healing Practitioner and ancient healing arts coach who uses the laws of Quantum Physics, the wisdom of ancient healing, and the new science of consciousness technology to help people put their bodies into their own state of spontaneous healing. “People can affect change on a physical, emotional and spiritual level by learning a few simple tools. It's easy, it's safe and extremely powerful. We live in a world where ascribing to the traditional medical model for healing is the only answer society accepts. While there is certainly a place for medicine, there is also a need for energetic technologies to uproot issues by focusing on transforming one’s energy at a cellular level to achieve healing and powerful transformation.”

Potential clients can find out more about Thurgood’s healing practice and webinar at her website.

Thurgood, who has been practicing for two years, has developed a number of tools, including her new free webinar, The Body Restore Process and original webinar, Kick Anxiety and Depression’s Butt, to help women harness the power within them to overcome mental, emotional or spiritual challenges that keep them from achieving their definition of success.

The Body Restore Process is made up of eight modules that focus on nutrition instruction, emotional clearing, consciousness tools, exercises and skills that help individuals move their body into a state of spontaneous healing. Clients identify their innate qualities, and how nurturing these qualities raises the energy vibration of the world.

“Changing your energy will change your life,” said Thurgood. “The energy that feeds your negative self-perception can quickly be transformed into a positive vibration that heals your body, mind and soul.”

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