All-Tex Boiler & Plumbing Services, LLC Offers Federal Tax Credit Help

The company is helping residents and businesses learn how to take advantage of federal tax credits for energy-efficient water heaters, reports

All-Tex Boiler & Plumbing Services, LLC, a premier Northwest Houston-based plumbing company, recently announced they are now providing tax credit advice to area residents and business owners looking to install a new water heater on their property. With an in-depth knowledge of how the system works to benefit property owners, the All-Tex team will show clients how to choose a water heater that qualifies them for the credit.

“Let’s face the facts: old water heating systems are not only noisy, inefficient, and inconvenient, but they’re also a danger to the environment and a threat to the wallets of property owners everywhere. This is why we began offering tankless water heaters a long time ago. Now, many of those same energy-efficient tankless systems are saving home and business owners a great deal of money both on their monthly energy bills and in the form of federal tax credits,” said Jay Cox of All-Tex Plumbing Boiler & Plumbing Services.

Traditional water heaters use a tank to keep forty or more gallons of water at a consistent temperature of 120 degrees for use whenever the property owner may need it. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, provide hot water on demand, heating the water only when someone places a demand on the system by turning on a faucet. This results in a much higher energy factor as well as the benefits of easy installation, saving on floor space, and never running out of hot water.

As the federal government continues to recognize the environmental importance of reducing energy consumption, they have created incentives in the form of tax credits of 30 percent of water heater purchase costs or $1,500.00 for home and business owners who join in their efforts. However, not all water heaters qualify for the program, and those who schedule a free consultation with an All Tex Emergency Plumber will learn how to ensure they purchase the right model.

As Cox further commented, “The federal government recognizes that installing highly-efficient tankless water heaters in properties all around the country can have a tremendous positive impact on our environment and help us reduce our water and energy consumption. Fortunately, they’re willing to put their money behind it, and we are proud to be doing our part to help Houston-area property owners put that money into their pockets.”

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