All-Purpose Purophy Cleansing Mist is Winning Customer Approvals for Easy and Safe Use Anywhere

Easy and Safe Cleansing Mist

Hand sanitizers and surface cleaners are amongst the most valuable of things today. Recognizing the urgent need to keep everyone safe, Celmatrix Technologies has launched a brand new, all-purpose, plant-based product, the Purophy Hand & Surface Cleansing Mist. Since its launch, Purophy has received tremendous response as a complete cleaner for helping sanitize the hands as well as surroundings and surfaces.

With the Covid virus raging around the world, keeping hands and surfaces clean has become a paramount necessity every day, every hour. While gel or lotion-based hand sanitizers are good, they can’t be used to clean surfaces. That’s where Purophy comes in, as it works at all three areas, for personal hygiene, keeping house surfaces disinfected.

Purophy is the all-purpose cleansing mist that families will love in these times. Launched by the makers of another great product, ScalpMED, Purophy helps defend against disease causing germs and viruses, and keeps entire families protected.

“I have never seen a cleaning product quite like this one. We will absolutely be buying again,” says a recent client.

“In these testing times, we wish health and safety to everyone. We are very excited to launch Purophy as we are all about top quality products that truly work. With Purophy, everyone can stay safe and practice better hygiene year round,” says a representative from Celmatrix.

Portable, powerful and multi-purpose, the Purophy Hand & Surface Cleansing Mist carries 70% alcohol, exceeding the CDC recommendation by ten percent. It is also plant based, made with with Aloe Vera extract that soothes the skin. Made without use of parabens or other harmful chemicals, Purophy is also made in USA and distributed in the country. Celmatrix is a trusted brand, and is well known for supporting local and national businesses.

Purophy has many great features that make it a must buy – it’s a spray-on solution that dries quickly and lasts longer. There are no unpleasant feelings in the hands too. The spray-on mechanism means only the required amounts are used unlike pump-based sanitizers. In short, Purophy acts fast, lasts longer.

Since its recent launch, Purophy has been winning praise from many customers. Those living in high population density areas carry it wherever they go. It has been liked by customers more sensitive to germs, and families who need an all-purpose cleaning mist in a single bottle that they can use everywhere, anytime. One the bottle is over, simply remove the spray cap and put on a new refill bottle.

Purophy comes in a 2/4/6 Packs versions, and each package carries 2 fl. Oz bottles with spray cap and one refill bottle. Each bottle offers up to 400 pumps of 100% plant-based, paraben-free cleansing mist made with Aloe Vera.

Purophy’s mission is to help people and communities stay safe. It recommends a preventative approach for keeping the world free from pandemics and virus outbreaks. The product can be ordered with overnight shipping. A subscription brings special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals.

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