Alive: The leader of the full-stack Web3 AI platform, successfully secured $5 million in seed funding

Alive, an AI-powered next-generation decentralized Web3 AI platform based in Silicon Valley, has made an exciting announcement.

The company successfully concluded its seed funding round on March 16th, securing $5 million in investments and reaching an impressive valuation of $45 million. Myer Capital led the round, with participation from Space Capital, Main Sequence Ventures, Carmel Ventures, and other institutions. The funds raised will be utilized to expand the engineering team and expedite the development of the Alive platform. Alive has already made significant strides in the advancement of its underlying AI technology. With a valuation of $45 million from the seed round, Alive is poised for further growth in the upcoming funding round and is expected to experience a substantial increase in valuation.

The CEO of Alive expressed, "As we enter the new era of Web3, there's widespread curiosity about what the next phase of the internet will look like and where the next industry leaders will emerge from. Currently, the convergence of artificial intelligence and Web3 technologies presents an indistinct yet accurate vision of the future, shaping a strong societal consensus. Alive is emerging as a rising star at the crossroads of these two revolutionary technological trends. Our mission is to leverage blockchain and AI to forge new societal connections, leading the transition from user-generated content to AI-generated content, fueling the imagination of every individual around the globe, and fundamentally reshaping the global AI market landscape. Through innovative interactions and diverse experiences, our goal is to provide users with an unparalleled virtual world. Alive aims to redefine AI as a new form of social, entertainment, and innovative expression, empowering everyone to become innovators, participants, and ultimate beneficiaries. We firmly believe that Alive will pioneer a new chapter in the global AI industry, with an initial goal of becoming the Roblox of the intelligent economy era."

The Alive team elaborated, "We are firmly convinced that with the continuous development of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, the global AI industry is about to experience a structural transformation. In the Web3 era, driven by network effects from platform integration, organic social discovery, and AI-generated content, AI will experience faster growth and larger scales than today's popular applications. These applications will truly achieve globalization, connecting users from all over the world. We have chosen to launch Alive at this moment, seizing this immense opportunity."

Driven by their passion for the future of AI and their vision to revolutionize the AI market, Alive is fully committed to developing an innovative platform to lead the industry into the new Web3 era. By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, their goal is to offer users unparalleled experiences and to create an inclusive, open, and innovative AI ecosystem, encouraging everyone to actively participate in innovation and sharing.

Everybody firmly believes that Alive will become a frontrunner in the AI industry, propelling it towards an exciting new future. Their core team is made up of top scientists, industry experts, and tech enthusiasts who are convinced that the combination of Web3 and AI will push the industry forward. This team's deep expertise and vast experience in blockchain, virtual reality, machine learning, and other areas enable Alive to accomplish its ambitious goals.

Alive adopts a decentralized working approach, embodying the principles of Web3. They firmly believe that by giving everyone the opportunity to participate and innovate, they can break traditional ways of information and value exchange, truly realizing global interconnection and sharing. Their team consists of top scientists, engineers, and designers dedicated to creating an inclusive and revolutionary AI ecosystem aimed at fostering harmonious coexistence between humans and artificial intelligence.

In this new Web3 era, Alive will not only provide users with unparalleled virtual world experiences, but also fully utilize blockchain technology to offer users true ownership and autonomy, further empowering community members. Their aim is to establish a globally inclusive AI innovation platform unbound by geographical restrictions, where everyone can participate and share their creativity and talent.

By combining the transparency and trust of Web3, and the innovation and infinite possibilities of AI, Alive is poised to disrupt existing patterns and lead the global AI industry into a new era that's more open, free, and shared. They are convinced that the success of Alive will be attributed to their team, whose expertise, talent, and passion will propel them towards this unprecedented future.

The anticipation is high for the new era of AI and Web3, with Alive committed to pushing this transformation and leading the world into a future full of possibilities.


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