Alibaba Printing Shares Their Success Story in Setting the Face Mask Keeper Singapore as an Innovative Health Trend Today

Alibaba Printing, one of the most established printing companies in Singapore is yet to share another success story in this continuing battle during the pandemic with their face mask keeper production.

Indeed, the pandemic has made a huge change in people’s way of living. The new normal ways have brought about adjustments, practices, and innovations that helped many people even in its simplest forms. Alibaba Printing has seen foreseen the different needs during this pandemic, and one of their innovative production of items includes the face mask keeper Singapore, which has become a health trend today.

Chris Tan, marketing and manager of Alibaba Printing said, “This pandemic has opened some windows of opportunities, and we have foreseen changes which could become part of the new normal way of living for a long time. We all know that this pandemic is not going to change the old ways back to normal yet, so we need to see what is best for everyone, most especially in safety precautions with our health. Our production in mask storage has become a success because we helped people understand why this simple innovation is a need today. And now, we are receiving hundreds and thousands of orders every single day.”

Understanding Chris' statement will make you think that people are keeping themselves safe from cross-contamination of germs everywhere through used face masks that are just about anywhere whenever an individual tries to remove it for some reason.

"The high demand for the mask storage product is due to some reasons. It includes how easy a keeper can be used, its lightweight material, affordable price, and how it can be customized by the customers," Chris added.

With Alibaba Printing’s effort in meeting the demands of its market, you can tell that its customers appreciate these simple yet innovative items that can help for many reasons. The idea of face mask storage can aid in answering the global crisis in disposable face mask production. It allows a reduction in using a new face mask, especially if it is not yet expired or it does not have a lot of moisture, allowing extra time for reuse.

Removing the face mask for a short period could be one of the main reasons for cross-contamination, especially if the face masks are placed on the table or on any places that encourage exposure. But thanks to this excellent idea of storing the used face mask, people can now protect themselves as well as other individuals at the same time.

Alibaba Printing’s efforts in recognizing the needs of their market is truly a success worth sharing with others. The use of face mask storage or keeper is just one of their many stories that tell about their achievement, inspiring many other printing companies, most especially that start-ups. With this, they continue to strive in improving their operation to ensure the maintenance of high-quality and affordable products for everyone.

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