Alibaba Printing shares on envelope printing and buying when reaching out to customers

Alibaba Printing, a well-established Company based in Singapore, shares its guide on envelope printing and buying when reaching out to customers.

The majority of the people might not know this, but every envelope gives unique feelings to the one who will receive it. And everyone needs to know what they need and why they need it.

"As a company, we value every customer we have, and that is why we guide them on every step that they need to do. Not everyone knows how a simple envelope can change someone's life, and that is why we are here to help every single one of them. Before printing it out, we ask them first what the envelope is for, to make sure that we are giving them what they need. And we noticed that most of them don't even know what difference does it make for different designs. So we decide to give a simple guide for everyone who plans to customize their envelopes" --Chris Tan, Marketing and Manager of Alibaba Printing.

Of course, as someone who doesn't know much about this topic, it may get confusing at first, but there are no worries since Alibaba Printing will help you all the way. With all the designs, varieties, styles, and ideas, the very first thing that the client will think is that it's complicated. But fear not, because it's pretty simple.

First and foremost, the client should decide what shapes and colors they want for the envelope. A lot of people would be aware of this, but they do not know how to choose the correct kind for their goal or purpose. Some might keep it simple and plain white. But a client can pick from hundreds of colors available, and they can also choose what flap style they want. A flap style can be square, commercial, straight, cross back, or baronial. For personal invitations, people usually prefer the flaps to be commercial wherein the flaps look like it has a round edge at the center because this conveys a sophisticated feeling for those who will receive it.

Second, decide on whether how thick the paper of the envelope would be. Cardboards are also used in customizing envelopes, and this will provide more protection for what the client will put inside. Aside from that, it gives the sense of being expensive to people who will see it compared to people receiving thin paper envelopes. Remember, customizing an envelope will give uniqueness on its own because people won't be able to buy it anywhere. And lastly, the size. Think about what will be placed inside the envelope. Is it a document? Will it be a card? An invitation perhaps? The size depends on what the envelope would be for.

With all these tips on customizing an envelope, it's great that Alibaba Printing's graphic designers are here to help their clients to decide what's best. And a lot of their clients are highly satisfied with the output of the company despite the low prices that they provide.

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