Alibaba Printing Make Public the Essential Elements in Envelope Printing

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Alibaba Printing, a known and well-established printing firm, reveals the essential elements in envelope printing to help businesses create the perfect envelope.

Envelopes are still in demand even though many transactions and communication are online. The printing company receives thousands of printing orders for custom envelopes. Many do not seem to understand the basics of creating the perfect design of an envelope. They want to help many businesses cope with the changing and competitive trends in marketing.

Chris Tan, Marketing and Manager of Alibaba Printing, said that technical advancements in communication are not stopping people from using envelopes in different ways. With this, marketers are taking advantage of the fact that people can appreciate more receiving something tangible than reading messages online.

“A lot of brands are approaching us, asking about ordering envelopes for different transactions. But lately, we are getting a lot of orders for marketing purposes. Many do not know how to create the right envelope and customize them according to their needs. We are sharing this information today based on our experience from successful brands that made their marketing strategies effective through the use of envelopes,” – Chris said.

Recipients are motivated to open an envelope if it is well-designed. Most companies make use of a direct-mail sales letter marketing strategy. The essential elements in envelope printing, such as planning for the campaign, the design, message, and size of the envelope, should be noted. Goals must be clear, what actions the receivers might do, and how an introduction through the envelopes can become effective.

Chris also added aside from the alluring design, a call to action should be obvious. It means that there are inviting words like "open immediately" or something that gives them a reason to open the envelope and read whatever content is inside it.

Other elements that many take for granted include the list of receivers. It should contain the highly targeted audience of a brand. The design should have bold headlines and attractive colors that catch the attention of the receiver instantly. Although this may sound basic, there are still companies out there that are not mindful of even the smallest details, which will have a bad impact if not done well.

Alibaba Printing even recommends to their clients the test and repeat process in creating and sending envelopes. Even the slightest variation could make a difference in terms of design and envelope size. Brands can try to run the campaign in smaller markets before implementing a full-scale campaign. It is a trial and error process that involves comparing the response that shows a better result.

The printing firm has been serving local and international clients for many years. They accept different requests in customizing and printing envelopes. They also offer other printing services and distribution jobs.

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