Alibaba Printing Emphasizes That the Right Size for Print on Paper Bags Matters

Alibaba Printing, a competitive and well-established printing firm in Singapore, emphasizes choosing the right size for print on paper bags for all buyers to fit product and marketing requirements.

Companies have different marketing goals, but it all focuses on one thing: the budget. Paper bags can be in various forms and sizes, and businesses offering products and services mostly use them. The printing firm receives different print on paper bags orders in minimum and bulk order orders in minimum and bulk order, but their customers sometimes fail to see how important it is to choose the right size.

Jenny Ho, Alibaba Printing Assistant Head of Productions, said that some clients do not understand the importance of sizing, which can help them big time in budgeting their money. Different sizes differ in price. And another thing is to see if it would meet the requirements of the products or event.

“Some of our customers take for granted the size and would order in bulks without being sure whether their products fit or it’s the perfect size for their certain event. With this, they would end up ordering more than their allotted budget to make certain adjustments. It’s not hard to know the right size. We always ask them the purpose. If they have samples of their products or if they know the size, that would be helpful,” – Jenny explained.

Alibaba Printing shows its customers the various bags to choose from and their sizes. But if the customer is still unsure, they would recommend bringing samples of items they will put inside the bags.

Jenny also added that customizing a paper bag is a big help in promoting their business. But it could also have a negative impact if the size is not the right one for their products. The company could get complaints about why the items they bought do not fit in the paper bag.

Mina Johnson, a business owner and client of Alibaba Printing, shared her experience on this matter.

“I wasted money on choosing the wrong size of the bag. I assumed that the products would fit and I was in a hurry. Good thing I only ordered minimal quantity, and I double-checked all the requirements of my events and products to make sure that I would be ordering the right size in bulk the next time. Thanks to Jenny and her team, they urged me to order the minimum quantity first to see if they are the perfect paper bags that I need,” – Mina said.

Although the company is clear in giving instructions before finalizing the orders, some customers are in a hurry like Mina would be assuming that everything will be okay in the end.

Alibaba Printing provides this service to local and international brands who need paper bags for events or products, operating in the industry for many years.

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