Alibaba Printing: Calendar Printing Singapore Is Still a Popular Advertising Method Even Today

Alibaba Printing, a popular and well-established printing firm shows how calendar printing is still an advertising choice for many businesses even today.

Millions of calendars are still printed every year, even if the use of mobile phones continues to dominate the ways of people. One fact is that not everyone wants to go digital all the way and are comfortable in using digital calendars when organizing their schedule.

According to Chris Tan, Marketing and Manager of Alibaba Printing, calendar printing Singapore is still a popular advertising method even today.

“We have made a comparison in terms of printing demand ever since the business started. We can see only minor differences. We can still say that there is a steady flow of demand from businesses who still advertise their products and services through the use of calendars. The most common is the wall calendar, and they order in bulks for giveaways as part of their marketing strategy,” – Chris said.

Calendars play a huge part in many people. Most households today would still have a calendar hanging on their walls. Even businesses would still hang one or two in their offices or branches because it helps them track the date to be indicated in receipts and be reminded of the schedules they have during the week or month.

Calendar printing also plays a crucial part in advertising and promotions. Even with the technological advancements that we have today, we’d still get a lot of printing bookings for calendars. If you think about it, people can easily buy printers and make calendars at home. But, one main reason why we continue to print calendars even until today is the quality, the size, the kind of paper, and the bulk orders that we can provide right on time,” Chris added.

Many people today are reliant on their mobile phones to help them track their schedules because it can notify them, unlike using the traditional pen and paper to write down everything on a calendar planner. However, not everyone wants to go full-on digital because many still like the good old ways. Some studies have even shown that people before and today are still using printed calendars at home or offices and for their businesses to help them track time. One fact is that not everyone is holding their mobile phones all the time.

Alibaba Printing still receives inquiries about calendar printing in different sizes and shapes, and they never run out of clients in this printing category. Why? Because people still use traditional calendars, especially if the designs are colorful and eye-catching despite the advancements in technology that we have today.

Alibaba Printing has been providing calendar printing services for many years. If you would like to know more about the sizes, shapes available, and prices, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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