Alibaba Printing and Its Demand for Envelope Printing Continues to Soar High and Hit More Than Their Quota

Alibaba Printing, a well-established printing firm located in Singapore, is still hitting quotas in envelope printing sales amidst the technological progress today.

Technological developments have changed the ways of men and businesses. However, the company’s performance on a particular service, envelope customization, and printing seemed to have defied the odds of becoming obsolete. It is still one of the most in-demand services from brands that belong in different industries.

Chris Tan, Marketing and Manager of Alibaba Printing, said that many people thought that envelopes are used less in businesses since most of the transactions now online.

“Well, people thought wrong, even if people used emails and other means of sending documents through the Internet, the envelope is not going to be obsolete for some valid reasons. It includes the formality of having printed documents for formal and non-formal transactions. Truthfully, many people are customizing more today than before for marketing reasons, creating eye-catching and unique envelopes that are amazingly beautiful. Technology can’t have all the credits. The traditional means will also evolve and won’t be going away anytime soon,” – Chris explained.

Although the company offers various printing services, its demand for envelope printing continues to soar high and hit more than its quota because people still love tangible things. It creates more excitement when opening an envelope than an email.

The customers of Alibaba Printing also enjoy the benefits that envelopes have for businesses. They understand the importance of direct mail, especially in promoting their brands. It allows them to become more creative and competitive through envelope customization. They can choose different designs, from hundreds of colors, fonts, layouts, and envelope sizes. The idea will be established by creating the appropriate design of the envelope, making the receiver excited and curious at the same time.

Another reason why people are still after the production and printing of envelopes is the affordability factor. People can even print at home. But to achieve a more professional look of the envelope, professional printing companies offer affordable package rates.

Jenny Tan, business owner and client of Alibaba Printing, shared how she still needs the envelopes even if her business is usually online.

“I have my website, and I sell my items there. My transactions and most of the advertising methods are online. However, when it comes to marketing my brand, I explore all my options. I incorporate traditional ways like printing envelopes, and I send them to my beloved clients. Direct mailing using my beautifully-designed envelopes encourages brand loyalty and repurchase at the same time. It’s something that they can appreciate rather than spamming them with emails. Not all email ads work, and receivers would mostly delete them right away. I’d rather send them details through the mail if I want to keep my clients wanting my products for more,” – Jenny said.

The printing company has been serving Singapore, both local and international clients, for many years. They offer various affordable printing services.

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