Alfa Chemistry Provides Organic & Printed Electronics

Alfa Chemistry, a leading chemical company located in New York, announced that it provides a variety of materials related to organic and printed electronics

On January 21, 2020, Alfa Chemistry, a leading chemical company located in New York, announced that it provides a variety of materials related to organic and printed electronics, including OLED and PLED materials, photons and optical materials, synthesis tools and reagents, printed electronics, matrix and electrode materials, OFET and OPV materials, sublimation materials and liquid crystal materials.

Printed electronic technology
Printed electronic technology refers to printing methods that deposit electronic circuits in a system by inkjet printing or other similar methods. Printed electronic technology closely links printing and packaging technology with electronics industry technology. At present, printed electronic technology has combined various printing technologies including inkjet printing, offset printing, gravure printing, electrostatic printing and screen printing, and has improved product performance and quality through multidisciplinary research. The broad printed electronics industry includes the entire printed electronics industry of organic, inorganic and compound, such as conductive ink, electrophoretic display, OLED (organic light-emitting display), and transistor circuits. Through the research and application of various functional thin-film electronic materials, printed electronics have been increasingly used in areas including thin-film transistor circuits (TFTs), displays, interconnects, photovoltaic cells, sensors, and actuators.

Organic printed electronic technology
Organic printed electronic technology refers to printed electronics technology based on organic conductive materials, semi-conductive materials and other functional materials. Organic printed electronic technology enables a variety of electrical components to be integrated directly through a low-cost roll-to-roll process. Compared with traditional production methods, organic printed electronic technology has shown advantages in improving production efficiency and reducing costs. Organic printed electronic technology has been used to develop a series of new products, including organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells for mobile and stationary use, organic memory devices for consumer products, printed RFID for brand protection and logistics, flexible batteries in mobile devices, organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) backplanes, organic sensors and single-use smart devices.

Organic printed electronic materials
Because organic printed electronic materials are closely related to conductive polymer materials and polymer films, they are also known as plastic electronic materials, which are thin, light, flexible and environmentally friendly. The development of organic printed electronics mainly depends on the advancement of electroactive materials that can be used as conductor, semiconductor, dielectrics, luminescent materials, electrochromic materials or electrophoretic materials. Because the process conditions and the interaction with other device constituent layers other than the conductive layer have a great impact on the performance of organic printed electronic materials, these electronic materials must be carefully selected in accordance with the performance requirements of specific devices. The most widely used printed electronics are printed electrodes. The printed electrode must have high conductivity, and inorganic or organic materials are usually used as the printed electrode.

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Alfa Chemistry offers an extensive catalog of building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, and research chemicals in a wide range of applications. It also provides analytical services and laboratory services to the customers. Products listed on the website are either in stock or can be resynthesized within a reasonable time frame. In stock products can be shipped out within 3-5 business days upon receipt of customers' purchase order.

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