Alfa Chemistry Announces to Supply CVD Graphene for Wide Use

On May 13, 2021, Alfa Chemistry announces that the company will start to provide CVD graphene for customers worldwide in response to the ever increasing market and research demand.

The vast potential of graphene has been recognized and graphene is applied in many industries such as transport, medicine, electronics, energy and defense. Alfa Chemistry announces that the company will start to provide CVD graphene for customers worldwide in response to the ever increasing market and research demand.

CVD (short for chemical vapor deposition) graphene are graphene sheets produced by using CVD methods and CVD-made graphene can be widely used in transparent electrodes of photovoltaic cells, electronic transistors, biosensor chips and gas sensors.

“Over the last decade, CVD is a leading approach to manufacture graphene in spite of some shortcomings. This reason for the prevalence of CVD is that it can yield high quality graphene sheets with a low defect count and good uniformity,” commented a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry. “As a graphene producer, we are committed to providing the most affordable, high-quality and reproducible graphene materials for researchers and companies that are interested in exploring the potential of graphene.”

The CVD graphene and related products available at Alfa Chemistry include:

CVD Graphene on Coated/Substrate
Alfa Chemistry provides pure and consistent CVD graphene on coated/substrate that shows high electrical conductivity and at the most competitive price, covering the following sub-types: 3D Graphene Foam, CVD Graphene on SiO2/Si, Graphene on Cu foil, Graphene on Glass, Graphene on Ni foil, Graphene on PET, Graphene on Plastic, Graphene on Quartz, Graphene on SiO2/Si, and PMMA-coated Graphene.

TEM Support Films
Graphene TEM grids and TEM support films suitable for excellent imaging are provided by Alfa Chemistry, including Graphene & Graphene Oxide TEM Support Films, Graphene on Copper 2000 TEM Grids, and Graphene on Lacey Carbon TEM Grids.

Graphene are considered to be integrated circuit materials in the post-silicon era. The graphene on quartz wafers provided by Alfa Chemistry include: Blank Glass Substrate, PET Substrate, Quartz Substrate, and Silicon/Silicon Dioxide Wafers.

For the convenience of customers, Alfa Chemistry also provides high-quality CVD graphene-related accessories, including graphene transfer tape, tweezers, etc.

All products have undergone strict quality control tests and are trusted by universities, research laboratories and high-tech companies worldwide. Visit to learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s supply of CVD graphene or just email at for more information.

About Alfa Chemistry
As a reliable partner for universities, research institutes as well as manufacturing companies, Alfa Chemistry keeps close eye on the current novel materials that have huge potential. Graphene is among such materials. Through research and innovation, the company focuses not only on the production of graphene such as graphene oxide and CVD graphene film, but also on services like graphene modification and graphene transfer.

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