Alexander Sparks Inc. Launches Campaign to Show Benefits of Moissanite Rings

Engagement rings have traditionally been diamonds, but aims to change that by highlighting the benefits of their Moissanite rings

The average price of a traditional, diamond engagement ring is $5,500. While this is the standard for the industry, many consumers are now searching for alternatives to diamonds. This change is spurred by the desire for something unique, along with the high price associated with diamond engagement rings.

To meet this new demand, Alexander Sparks Inc now offers Moissanite engagement rings under 1000. This new ring option is set to transform the wedding jewelry industry.

“We have found that moissanite rings offer all the benefits of diamond engagement rings, and so much more,” stated Alexander Sparks Inc spokesperson Vlad Yunatanov. “In addition to being more affordable, these rings are also offered in a wide array of shapes, offer superior longevity, exceptional brilliance, durability and none of the issues diamond rings have.”

According to etiquette “rules," a person should spend three months salary on the engagement ring they choose for their partner. With moissanite engagement rings, this isn’t necessary. The same high-quality ring can be purchased, for a much lower price when moissanite is chosen. With this diamond alternative, individuals are able to get the same size ring, the same brilliance and the same quality without the high price tag.

“We offer a huge selection of moissanite engagement rings on our website,” continued Yunatanov. “We have also made the process of shopping for a moissanite ring on our website a breeze, allowing you to filter the results according to price, color and metal type. We offer all the favorites, regarding metals and shapes, so you don’t have to compromise what you want when choosing this type of ring.”

Additional information about moissanite rings and the benefits they offer over diamond rings can be found by visiting the Alexander Sparks Inc. website.


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