Alex Miller Launches Campaign To Increase Awareness Of SEO For Greater Web Traffic

Experience and proven strategies propel Miller to the forefront of internet marketing.

Statistics from the marketing industry reveal 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, the primary source being Google. These figures make search engines the leading element involved in bringing traffic to websites. Of those taking advantage of search engines, 75 percent never take the time to scroll past the first page of results. In light of these facts, businesses are faced with a continual struggle to capture their audiences through effective Search Engine Optimization. In order to help propel businesses to the forefront of online searches, Alex Miller has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of his SEO services.

Stated Miller, "My online marketing experience began with several experimental websites I introduced in Google a few years ago. Though I didn't expect them to amount to much, they ultimately brought in a great deal of traffic from specifically targeted demographics. That was what sparked my interest in the marketing world and initiated my SEO career."

While social media marketing is on the rise, search engines still outweigh this strategy by 300 percent, according to research in the advertising field. Internet users type their desired keyword into a search engine, and crawlers search through billions of documents to find those that contain those keywords. A website filled with such keywords could easily be drawn to the top of search results of the past, but modern search engine algorithms search for much more than just specific keywords.

Today's crawlers are designed to seek out popularly searched websites. Those are the websites that not only contain relevant keywords, but are filled with information users find useful and easy to understand and interact with. Such sites inevitably generate more traffic and greater numbers of repeat visitors. Successful SEO includes both of these elements of online marketing combined with fresh, continually updated content.

Through his countless hours of research and extensive list of contacts, Alex Miller has developed advanced skills in SEO. His proven strategies have led to the successful promotion of more than 400 of his own companies and affiliate sites in the markets of weight loss, insurance sales, mortgages and other highly competitive fields.

Miller explained, "For the many high profile companies I help promote, my SEO strategies have generated millions of visitors each year. When there is a major change in the SERP's or algorithms associated with search engines, or if those within my circle simply need SEO advice, I am one of the first SEO experts they turn to. I use the experience I've gained to combine the aspects of online marketing and help businesses achieve the first page rankings they desire, improving their online presence and increasing their profit margin."

About Alex Miller:
Born in England, Alex Miller is a graduate of the Business and Management program at the University of Exeter. Now based largely in the United States, he provides SEO services and consulting for a number of high profile clients worldwide. Through extensive research, testing and real world experience, he has developed the ability to help businesses of any nature surpass their competitors.

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