Alejandro Canto is an Entrepreneur Who Loves to Share His Drive

When hearing all that entrepreneur Alejandro Canto has overcome, it is easy to feel motivated to reach for a new goal.

Entrepreneur Alejandro Canto has been looking to run his own business since he was young. He went so far as to sell off baked goods when he was just in Elementary School, earning a meager profit from his peers. He officially started his first company at 18 years old, and has never looked back. Each company has had its own set of challenges, but he would not have life any other way. After selling off his first three companies, he is now able to label himself as the founder of a company and loves the daily challenges he gets to face.

Canto started off by creating his own staffing agency that catered to physical and occupational therapists. Once that company was sold, he opened a wholesale car dealership where he was able to help people get into the cars of their dreams. From there, he moved to Washington state to start Diego Pellicer. It wasn’t until Canto sold Pellicer that he was finally able to be what he’d always wanted – the founder of a company. That company is MeCBD.

Each day is different, unique, and challenging in its own way. He knows that his business is not unique in that way and wants to share what he has learned over the years about making dreams come true. Canto regularly has days where he needs to find a little more motivation or focus and has found a great relief to that is meditation, as it allows him to visualize his goals and make them real in his mind. Days where there is not as much going on, he also advocates learning anything and everything you can to keep yourself taking better strides in the future. Read everything you can on your niche and always push yourself to learn more.

About Alejandro Canto: Alejandro Canto has a lot to offer young entrepreneurs as he has been working some type of job since he was in single-digits. He wants others who are following in his footsteps to know that your age, old or young, is nothing to be ashamed of. It is all about having the right drive, confidence, and knowledge. He also wants people to learn from mentors. Find out all you can from those who have what you want. Finally, understand that you will fail and that should be expected. Everyone fails at some point, but using that failure as experience is how you create a winning spirit. Find out more by following Canto on Instagram here:

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