Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association 5A Organization Celebrates Half-Century In Operation

Since 1970, 5A has provided a safe and solid option for those recently finished with inpatient care for addictions. The 5A organization provides a bridge between the restrictive environment of the inpatient facilities and ‘normal’ daily life.

Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association and Christopher King are pleased to announce that the organization, launched in 1970, has now been in operation for fifty years. The Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association 5A programs are focused on finding the best fit for those who have completed inpatient care for substance abuse issues. The programs and residences help those on the path to recovery from addiction to maintain sobriety. The programs suit those who might find leaving an inpatient environment's safety to be overwhelming, especially if they would move immediately back into a home life with old patterns and acquaintances.

Relapse is a genuine risk when high expectations and stress are encountered immediately. A nearby 'halfway house' can be a hopeful bridge from one environment to another. Two transitional living centers are available to those clients willing to continue recovery by working their preferred 12-step program. These well-established residential sobriety settings are Hope House and Craig Shell's The New Solution. The settings are safe, proving ground for those in transition. The policies of the organization ensure that clients who reside in the centers are working a 12-step program.

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5A homes provide environments that are as unrestricted as possible, including coming and going responsibly. For half a century, this environment has provided clients with a successful return to everyday lives. When the client needs outside expertise, 5A will help them connect with the appropriate resources.

Unlike many of the similar group living homes, the 5A environment is much less restrictive. The personal commitment to recovery dictates which freedoms and privileges the client enjoys. Clients who are secure in sobriety and maturity will transition reasonably quickly into a healthy routine for living. Those who are not ready for full re-entry can spend more time stabilizing in the 5A environment.

About the Association:

Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association has been in operation since 1970. The organization provides transitional housing and programs for those ready to leave inpatient care but not ready for a full return to everyday life.

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