AirOne Launches, Aims To Brings Safety and Security To The Doorsteps

AirOne is a fully autonomous drone company Evan Jasek that just launched today.

AirOne, a fully autonomous drone company by Evan Jasek is proud to announce the launch. With crime gradually increasing in the present world, safety becomes necessary for one and all.

And that’s where AirOne is aiming to make a difference, as it is a startup company that is employing an unconventional means of disrupting the system and ensuring the better safety of the citizens through an advanced method of fighting crime. Its goal is simply to make the world a better, safer, and more innovative place for all to live.

AirOne Concept

AirOne is a state-of-the-art drone company that has the safety and security of lives and property in mind. The company is introducing a drone that is envisioned to link with ground patrol, thereby ensuring a safe flying environment that will support security surveillance, public safety, property inspection, data collection, and police air assistance. AirOne’s aim is to make the lines between fiction and reality less distinct.

AirOne Vision

AirOne strives to make a difference in the marketplace by embarking on a series of funding via crypto, commencing with their limited NFT that will offer access to the presale of their coin in Q4 of 2021 to fulfill their Series A funding, assuring that everything would be done transparently. Further info of AirOne NFT for early access is available on the site.

Model Of Operation

AirOne believes strongly that with the right air support several situations, such as traffic accidents, theft, crime, and search rescue could be improved upon and damage minimized. For example, assume that an individual is robbed at gunpoint. The police engage the getaway car in a hot chase, resulting in a head-on collision with an innocent family crossing an intersection and the death of all involved.

AirOne eradicates this unnecessary risk by deploying its drone to fly discreetly above the getaway vehicle, thereby making way for the police to apprehend the suspect at their end location without exposing anyone to avoidable injuries and death.
AirOne shaped like a round disc

The conventional drones are designed with open propellers, which can easily expose them to failure should they touch other objects. However, AirOne is created with safety in mind; that is why it is shaped like a round disc, to prevent any propeller impact that could potentially result in damage and premature abortion of any security or safety mission. It is uniquely shaped like a UFO, making it distinct from other drones on the market.

About AirOne

AirOne is a fully autonomous drone company Evan Jasek that just launched today. They are selling 1000 NFTs. For every NFT sold, 50% of the sale will go to the presale of their Coin when it launches.

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