Airland creates a legendary cradle of its brand, gaining good reputation in Chinese market of cultivating Serta

On the afternoon of October 23rd, 2018, after several rounds of negotiations and discussion about the brand assets evaluation, Serta USA resumed its operation in China in collaboration...

On the afternoon of October 23rd, 2018, after several rounds of negotiations and discussion about the brand assets evaluation, Serta USA resumed its operation in China in collaboration with Airland Group with a firm confidence and positive and optimistic expectation about the Chinese market.

In June 1998, Serta USA and HK Airland Group had reached an agreement of letting Airland’s wholly owned subsidiary--Serta household products (shenzhen) co., ltd, to be the general agent in China. Under the support and patronage of Airland Group, Serta showed its outstanding performance in China. As the repurchase agreement was signed smoothly, it is now evident that Airland’s contribution to Serta’s reputation has received a reasonable return. Furthermore, it implies that Serta has acquired a high brand awareness and reputation in Chinese market, as well as got an excellent operation team.

Airland Group Established Itself as an "International Brand Incubator"

The chairman of Airland Group, Mr. SZE Man Yuen said that he appreciated the Serta’s affirmation of business and management team in China. As both parties have reached a win-win situation after business negotiation, we have built a solid foundation for our future strategic planning. I believe that both Serta and Airland Group will go through a qualitative change in the future. Also, we sincerely hope that Serta’s global business will become better and better, whereas Airland will also constantly endeavor to make its “Centenary vision and strategic plan” come true and bring sweet dreams to this world.

Mr. SZE also revealed that since the group doesn’t only have a high-reputation brand of its own, which is Airland, but also has many international brands, the withdrawing of Serta will not leave an impact on the future development of Airland. Over the years, Airland has garnered reputation as an international brand incubator. This is a new breakthrough for global trade and business ecosystem, as the value of this platform is defined by complete integration of the consumption ecology of local sleeping households, as well as the international resources, and a strategic innovation for Chinese enterprises to serve the world.

“At present, we are still in strategic collaboration with a number of overseas brands, and we have successfully cultivated many well-known international household brands such as Serta, My Side, SleepMakers, Therapedic, Therapedic(Medicoil), LadyAmericana, ARTDEVIE, DEA, Haviland, Daum, Brinkhaus、Felix、Griffe、Royale de Champion, etc. The localization operation mode has demonstrated the strong ability of Airland Group in incubating and value adding to these global international brands”.

Airland’s Brand Incubation Strategy Showing New Directions to Chinese Enterprises

The reasons behind Airland’s steadily growing brand reputation have been advanced industry-leading manufacturing strength and sales ability, as well as its mature channel and terminal system, all of which helped Airland in making Serta (China) stronger and bigger. Since Serta has become “sinicized", its contribution to the Chinese economy is now well above the industry average. After 10 years of hardworking and 10 years of growing, Serta China has become more innovative day by day, and it has grown strongly through the platform of international brand incubator Airland Group. Meanwhile, it also provided many inspirations for the latecomers as a textbook. All of these achievements are attributed to Mr. SZE Man Yuen’s strategic plan and Airland’s excellent management team.

Airland Aims At Broad-Spectrum Growth with Ingenuity, Centenary Vision and Strategic Plan

50 years of hard working contributes to Airland’s glory, which is ready to stride for hundred more years with equal splendor.
Airland Group has gone through a glorious progress across half a century. From the establishment of Shenzhen factory to the second upgrade in the manufacturing scale in building Huizhou production base; from single brand operation to diversified brand flagship; from single industry to multi-industry ecology. Airland has been continuously integrating and breaking through all kinds of boundaries, and devoting itself in providing the best sleeping products to the society. Airland deserved to become the symbol of high-quality mattress brand and enterprise! The group has been ambitious and persistent, has focused on comprehensive self-improvement, has always followed the trends and objective laws, and emphasized on self-cultivation to gather help and positive energy and prosper.

In the next 50 years, Airland will keep transforming and innovating, and it will also integrate the diversified capital, engaging in scale reconstruction and industry innovation, thereby building a century sleep ecological carrier with age competitiveness.

Airland Group to Pursue the Chinese Dream of ‘One Belt, One Road’

Follow "The Belt and Road Initiative" - connecting the world with sweet dreams
Serta, as an international brand, depends on the strategy, team, spirit and strength of Airland China when it comes to its development in China. In the future, Airland China will have a better development as the Chinese licensee of Serta.

“Our Chinese dream will expand to the world! Under the new era and new international economic environment, we also need to build more world-class national brands in order to make Chinese economy become truly powerful. Our Airland spirit inherits the spirit of Chinese national brand, which has been responsible for the development of national enterprises throughout 50 years and has made great contributions to the development of Chinese national brands. Airland’s “Chinese dream" is to bring this sweet dream to the whole world!

China has already surpassed US to become the world's largest mattress market, and leaving a significant influence in the global market. “Building an international brand, an establishing a century-old enterprise” should not just be the aim of Airland, but also should be the pursuit and development goal of all domestic enterprises. As a leading mattress enterprise in China, Airland will also continuously develop to become world-class brand with strong presence in China in order to meet the needs of consumers around the world. In the next 50 years, Airland will devote itself in becoming the most competitive mattresses and home furnishing enterprise group in the world.

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