Air Conditioning Repair Madison AL Firm Posts Tips To Avoid AC Repairs

Decatur-based Controlled Climate Solutions offers air conditioning repair services for all the major brands. Blog posts on the website detail tips for avoiding the need for AC repair services.

Controlled Climate Solutions and Jason Shireman are pleased to announce the release of their informative article which provides three useful tips on how to avoid the need for air conditioning repair service calls. The air conditioning repair Madison AL company recognizes that repairs or replacement of an AC system can create a devastating blow to the household budget. The tips which are offered on the updated website may help to prevent major repairs. In simple terms, the tips include filters, a programmable thermostat and avoiding closing off rooms.

Jason Shireman of the air conditioning repair Decatur AL firm spoke recently about filters. "If you don't want to need air conditioners repaired, keep your filters changed or cleaned. If left unattended, there could be dire consequences such as reduced overall efficiency, increased allergens, and increased wear and tear on your system. You should clean or change your filters about once a month. This is something which the home or business owner can do personally, or we can take care of the job for you. We offer air conditioning system check-ups in Decatur, Moulton, Huntsville, Madison, Athens and all surrounding areas."

Using a programmable thermostat is another way to help prevent AC repair calls. Programmable thermostats offer energy and money savings right away. Homeowners can create a schedule around the household members which keeps the house cool while people are home and lets the temperature rise while the family members are away. At a minimum, the old, dial-based thermostat should be replaced. They are even less efficient than a standard digital thermostat.

Finally, closing off rooms or even individual vents puts undue stress on the AC system and can shorten the life of the air conditioning unit. Keep the interior doors open unless it cannot be helped. Do not shut off rooms because they are not used all the time. They will be used eventually and will take a lot longer to cool off if they have been shut off.

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