AIOW, NFT Launch Game-Changing Platform Out To Redefine The Social Media Landscape

The AIOW project is taking a completely different approach to social media by prioritizing privacy and establishing meaningful connections, allowing users to regain complete control of their content and personal data.

The AIOW Project is out to revolutionize social media after creating a detailed, hand-drawn universe – a social network full of compelling lore and unsuspected twists and turns. 

“The project will feature 4635 mysterious creatures that will hide out in this world, ready for members to come to find them and guide them out of there,” says Richard Vermeer, co-founder of AIOW.  

All NFTs possess a combination of unique features, skills, and characteristics. Those who will follow the AIOW Project on social media get to explore lots of utility and an amount of $AIOW on a daily basis which can be used in the new social media app expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022.

“We at AIOW believe in value for value. Within AIOW, we have focused on creating an app that directly connects creators and users. This way, creators now give value to the people who enjoy the content, and those who like the content can directly provide the creators with some $AIOW—value for value,” adds Richard.

As a social network, the AIOW project aims to create, connect, engage, inspire, as well as establish meaningful connections. It is an independent and decentralized platform that values free speech and does not tolerate online censorship. 

“The AIOW App is an ever-growing and developing social platform that lets members regain full control of their content and personal data. We believe that online privacy must be respected and thus protected. We don’t expose or sell user data to third parties. We don’t show tailored ads. We are giving social media back to its users,” says Richard.

The AIOW Project is also set to unveil the wallet of fame in the second quarter of 2022. Community members can also trade their $AIOW within the app for Ethereum.

Those who will join the AIOW Discord server get to receive up-to-date information, the best group of supporters, as well as entertaining challenges and games. The community brings value to AIOW, so the team behind the AIOW project is giving back to the community with its game-changing app. The team is working on implementing a system in which people who bring value to the community will get $AIOW tokens. 

The $AIOW tokens allow community members to trade, earn and stake them in their AIOW-wallet. They reward inspiring creators and gain access to great deals and offers.

For example, the AIOW Project features the Piggy Bank Race, a value-for-value system that lets members earn some $AIOW. In this platform, members can create AIOW art, songs, and recipes –– basically anything creative. 

The AIOW Project also has Chamagotchi, a cute little fellow whom members can feed love points to hatch. The more members tend to it, the more it reveals about the AIOW NFT.

Those who want to join AIOW may click the Discord community right away to get started. Others who wish to learn more about AIOW may visit the website and its social channels for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: Richard Vermeer
Email: Send Email
Organization: AIOW B.V.
Address: Netherlands

Release ID: 89075259