AI & Medicine Launches AI-Powered Drug Discovery Platform for the Science Community

AI & Medicine recently announced that it has successfully developed a unique artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery platform for pharmaceutical companies, offering efficient drug research and development solutions.

On April 28, 2020, AI & Medicine proudly announced that it has successfully developed a unique artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery platform, offering drug research and development solutions for medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises worldwide.

Drug R&D is a very complicated, costly and time-consuming attempt. But with the advent of AI, this process can be simplified and more quickly paced. Through big data analysis and other technical means, this AI-powered drug discovery platform can quickly and accurately mine data and select the appropriate lead compounds. Compared with traditional methods, AI & Medicine can help customers save the cost of screening candidates by tens of billions every year. This AI platform can be widely used in various scenarios regarding drug development, and some are listed below.

Drug Target Discovery
Through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and based on a large number of medical literature and relevant data, this platform is very efficient in finding the relationship between drugs and diseases and specifying effective targets, which greatly shortens the period of target discovery.

Candidate Drug Discovery
This platform uses big data and machine learning methods to automatically design millions of small molecular compounds related to specific targets, and screen compounds according to efficacy, selectivity, ADME and other factors.

Prediction of Drug Crystal Form
Relying on deep learning and cognitive computing, the AI-powered platform is capable of predicting all possible crystallographic patterns of a small molecule drug.

ADMET Prediction
Prediction of ADMET is an important step in drug design. With a combined use of research technology and computer simulation, the early discovery and screening process can be quickened. Meanwhile, existing drugs can be repurposed and re-studied as well.

Design and Optimization of Clinical Trials
The AI system provided by AI & Medicine can be used to guide clinical trials and data collection. With this platform, different biomedical and healthcare data streams can be transformed into computer models which represent individual patients.

Optimize clinical trial research design
This attempt can maximize the success possibility of clinical trials. AI also plays a role in patient screening and recruitment. It can more accurately match patients and quickly complete patient recruitment using in-depth research of disease data.

The combined use of supercomputers, AI and complex algorithms can simulate the pharmaceutical process to predict the effect of new drugs, find potential drug-related side effects earlier so s to reduce the cost of R&D.

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About AI & Medicine
AI & Medicine is dedicated to collaborating with medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises around the world to meet their specific drug R&D requirements. Its newly developed AI-powered drug discovery platform is capable of providing a broad and integrated portfolio of medical and scientific solutions in areas like drug R&D, medical translation, medical imaging, medical therapy and research system, and more.

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