AGTech: LoneStar Tracking Revolutionizes Agriculture with Cutting-Edge Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

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Leveraging its expertise in IoT and tracking technologies, LoneStar Tracking offers a range of adaptable GPS tracking solutions to streamline and enhance agriculture practices.

At the forefront of agricultural innovation, LoneStar Tracking is revolutionizing the AgTech industry through its comprehensive suite of solutions, far beyond mere tracking technologies. As the nexus of technological advancement and agricultural efficiency, LoneStar Tracking is dedicated to transforming farming practices across the nation with its array of offerings designed to optimize farm operations, enhance process efficiency, and significantly increase yield potential for farmers and agribusinesses alike.

Underpinning LoneStar Tracking's extensive product portfolio is the visionary leadership of Thomas Remmert, the company's CTO. With an extensive career in the IoT sector, Remmert is recognized as an industry leader, whose expertise has been pivotal in navigating the intricate landscape of IoT innovations. His profound knowledge and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in developing solutions that not only meet the current needs of the agTech sector but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

Central to LoneStar Tracking's technological arsenal is its versatile GPS tracking system, engineered specifically for the agricultural sector. This pioneering solution provides operators with real-time, precise visibility into their assets and livestock, supported by the capability to access up to 72 satellites for continuous monitoring. However, LoneStar Tracking's ingenuity does not stop at tracking. The company is a veritable powerhouse in the AgTech space, offering a diverse range of solutions including:

  • Water Tank Level Monitoring: An essential tool for managing water resources efficiently, ensuring that crops and livestock have access to water when needed.
  • Electric Fence Monitoring: Provides peace of mind by ensuring the integrity of fencing systems, thereby protecting livestock and securing farm assets.
  • Wildlife Tracking: Empowers conservation efforts and mitigates the risk of crop damage by monitoring wildlife movements.
  • Soil Moisture and PH Monitoring: Enhances crop health and yield by ensuring soil conditions are optimal for growth.
  • Pump Control Systems: Automates water and nutrient delivery, optimizing resource use and reducing labor costs.

By harnessing the power of LoRaWan technology, LoneStar Tracking ensures robust, long-range connectivity across vast agricultural landscapes, offering a scalable solution for a multitude of applications from soil monitoring to livestock management.

"Integrating our technology into daily farm operations not only streamlines workflows but also empowers farmers with data-driven insights," said Thomas Remmert. "Our goal is to equip the agricultural sector with the tools necessary for precision farming, ultimately leading to increased productivity and sustainability."

LoneStar Tracking's commitment to innovation is echoed in its tailored AgTech solutions, designed to meet the unique challenges of the modern farmer. From livestock ear tags that are the lightest on the market to advanced sensors for comprehensive farm management, LoneStar Tracking is not just a service provider but a partner in agricultural excellence.

With a steadfast focus on sustainability and efficiency, LoneStar Tracking continues to lead the AgTech industry, driving positive change and empowering farmers to thrive in an evolving global landscape. For more information about LoneStar Tracking and its innovative solutions, visit

About The Company:

LoneStar Tracking is an industry leader in AgTech solutions, leveraging cutting-edge IoT and remote tracking technology to tackle the unique challenges faced by the agricultural sector. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, LoneStar Tracking is paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and productive future in farming.

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Name: Thomas Remmert
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Organization: LoneStar Tracking
Address: 395 Sawdust Rd. Spring, TX 77380
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Name: Thomas Remmert
Email: Send Email
Organization: LoneStar Tracking
Address: 395 Sawdust Rd. Spring, TX 77380
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