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Agriculture remains arguably the world’s most important industry, employing 20 percent of the global workforce. Demand for agricultural products in developing countries increases faster than production, leading to growing import demand. Developing countries throughout the world exhibit the strongest growth in wheat imports due to rising incomes and populations. India is the largest soybean oil importer and accounts for 35 percent of this projected increase in imports. Only one commodity exhibits a decrease in world trade over the projection period is sorghum. Raw cotton production is expected to continue moving to countries with favorable resource endowments and advancing production technologies. For example, net cereal imports into the developing countries would increase almost three-fold to reach nearly 300 million tonnes by 2050. Agriculture can play a central role in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by the end of the 21st century.

Recent trend in agriculture has seen rise in organic agriculture, vertical farming and intensive agriculture to accommodate the demands of increasing world population and address the rising concern for environmental issues. Highly advanced vertical farm designs may be found in arcology. There is an opportunity for Solar Irrigation Pumping Systems (SPIS) for both small-scale and commercial agriculture, particularly in rural areas that lack infrastructure. Precision agriculture (PA), also known as satellite farming or site specific crop management, is a way of farming as efficiently as possible in terms of the use of irrigation water, fertilizer and pesticides. Ag-tech is becoming increasingly competitive as technologies such as satellite imagery, drones, remote sensors, big data and cloud services are implemented by industries. Advancements in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technologies such as hydroponics have created several opportunities for farmers. Big data on water, land use, fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide applications is playing an increasingly important role in agriculture production to achieve input resource efficiency. Companies are developing innovative technologies for offshore aquaculture operations that can grow and harvest different varieties of seafood in oceans, including smart floating farms and submersible cages.

Agriculture Industry will see promising investment opportunities in Livestock and crop genetics led by private sector research. Applications of genetics makes crops resistant to threats and hazards such as herbicides, insects, viruses, drought, salt and cold. Agricultural biologicals (tiny organisms like bacteria and fungi) serve as inoculants, helping plants absorb nutrients and protect against pests, disease and weeds. Biofuels crops are providing cleaner fuels for production and transportation activities. Precision irrigation ensures efficient and productive use of minimal amounts of water. Farmers can make the most of smaller amounts of water while improving yield, productivity and carbon uptake in the soil. Climate change will provide both challenges and opportunities.

Agriculture Industry will face major challenges: 1) Food Security-The implications of urbanization are significant for the food system. The food production challenge ahead is not easy. It requires increasing the productivity of complex, low yielding farming systems that do not damage natural resources or the environment. 2) Sustainable Natural Resource Management-. Mitigating the impact of farming on the environment is an important challenge to guarantee the long-term sustainability of agricultural production.3) Preserving soil- By using biotechnology and crop protection products, farmers can employ conservation agriculture, protecting land for future generations. 5) Climate change-Changes in climate will further stress the availability of water, land, and biodiversity necessary for productive agriculture. Therefore, plant scientists are developing new technologies and traits that can allow crops to thrive in harsh growing conditions like drought, flooding or extreme heat.

In particular, our market reports have been designed in the context of the opportunities and challenges related to Agriculture Industry Research. Some of the latest Agriculture Industry Market Research reports include:

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