AgjobsNOW! Launches Career Search Job Board for Agriculture and Farm Industry

New website features next generation geo-targeted mobile and video capabilities to connect job seekers, recruiters and local agribusiness advertisers nationwide.

In a time when the agribusiness industry is booming, a new online search company AgjobsNOW! at has introduced a completely new approach to connect job seekers and companies. The website seeks to connect those looking for agriculture or farm related jobs with human resource representatives and recruiters searching for candidates to hire.

AgjobsNOW! is founded on the guiding principles that work is hard enough and finding it shouldn't be. The company wants job searchers nationwide to “stay busy and be happy” by registering on the site for free. Once registered, the job seeker is able to create a personal profile where they can post information about their work experience along with their resume and a link to a video on social media channels like YouTube. This gives job searchers a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd and get their message directly in front of the person who is hiring. Job searchers can range from high school through college hires to career professionals. Options range from temporary and seasonal help through contract, part time and full time opportunities.

The website has been designed from the ground up for ease of use with mobile searchers using tablets and smart phones in mind. What separates this new concept apart from the crowd is it’s innovative geo-targeted search capabilities. This functionality allows users to search for nationwide and corporate opportunities or drill down to remote and rural areas for jobs offered by smaller local businesses and individual farm operators.

Employers can buy and list job opportunities on the site in real time. Once they have purchased a job posting, they can search the entire nationwide resume database for candidates. Just a few examples of posting package options range from corporate HR representatives and recruiters who need to list a position for multiple locations nationwide or a small local farm owner looking for a single job posting to search for a temporary or seasonal part time farm hand.

AgjobsNOW! offers many options for companies to advertise their business on the site. These business might not be career related but want to get their branding and message in front of an agriculture related audience. National and local advertising options can be purchased by contacting the ad department through the website.

AgjobsNOW! can be found on social media at Facebook and on twitter at

About AgjobsNOW!

AgjobsNOW! is a nationwide job board for the agriculture and farming industry. The innovative career website connects job searchers, employers, and advertisers through an easy to use geo-targeted search functionality with the latest mobile users in mind.

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Contact Info:
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Address: Altamont, IL, IL 62411
Phone: (618) 267-9670

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