Aggregate innovation platform, detonate a new round of climax in the currency circle —Cloud pool version 1.0 is launched

The birth of Cloud pool is because some blockchain developers have pinpointed the pain points in this industry, so they devote themselves to research and development and created the Cloud pool, which is based on cloud computing.

The reason why the blockchain is advertised as a pyramid scheme and fraud is that it is difficult to produce agglomeration effect. It is easy to be injured when it is alone. Moreover, there are separate projects between projects, exchanges and exchanges, and projects and exchanges. To fight, while competing with each other, it also checks and balances the development of the entire blockchain industry.

The birth of Cloud pool is because some blockchain developers have pinpointed the pain points in this industry, so they devote themselves to research and development and created the Cloud pool, which is based on cloud computing. Power mining mining pool is also the world's first innovative mining pool aggregation platform, integrating projects, mining pools, and exchanges into one, forming a virtuous circle, creating a complete industry ecological chain, and allowing value to flow in the ecology better It reflects that the launch of the cloud mining pool will promote the blockchain industry to take a big step forward, and it will become a new growth point of the blockchain industry.

Cloud pool is developed by a team of more than 70 geeks who come from all over the world and are spontaneously composed of geek encryption scholars and distributed system geeks. This group of geek engineers, in order to innovate and develop a new generation of mining pools, they donated their time for free, and have been funded by community donations to fund research and development funds, and finally have today's cloud pool (Cloud pool).

What will Cloud pool 1.0 change?

The research and development of the cloud pool is to break the status quo of the industry and make everyone able to embrace value. Therefore, when the cloud pool was designed at the beginning, the purpose was clear, not only to improve scalability, Stability requires some economic changes through technological innovation.

Let's take the CTO first chain to be launched in Cloud pool 1.0 as an example to talk about the disruptive changes that Cloud pool can bring.

The CTO first chain project will be launched on the Zeus exchange, which has been connected to Cloud pool 1.0, and users will use USDT to purchase the token CTO of the CTO first chain on the Zeus exchange, and then convert the CTO into cloud computing power to start mining , You can mine in the Cloud pool.

CTO will mine in the cloud pool for 10 years, with a total number of 280 million and a reduction in production every two years. According to the CTO project party, 150 million assets will be burned at the same time and all of them will be black holes. Strive to tap the first chain of CTO. Project deflation and destruction plus Cloud pool 1.0 uses sharding to greatly increase network bandwidth and reduce gas costs, thereby reducing the cost of sending the CTO first chain and interacting with the packaged chain. In other words, the two main features of Cloud Pool are sharding and mining plans. Sharding aims to improve the efficiency of network operations, and the start of the mining plan will fully start the concept of CTOPoW. After the completion of the development of Cloud pool 1.0, the miners of the cloud pool faced the limited transaction that CTO snapped up, and even the price skyrocketed due to the constant number of CTOs.

In this way, both users of the CTO first chain and users of Zeus exchange can invest and mine in the cloud pool, and the cloud pool uses technology to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. For all investors, it is beneficial. The cloud pool uses the power of aggregation to take advantage of strength. It is conceivable how much energy the cloud pool will form.

What does the launch of CTO First Chain in Cloud Pool mean?

Since Cloud pool 1.0 started its research and development in 2019, 4 test networks have been implemented: Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Topaz. Among them, the 4th Topaz test network is the first complete main network configuration in Phase 0. The Topaz test went online and worked well. But there is an error in the consensus rules, so it is not compatible with multiple clients, and other clients cannot successfully synchronize the Topaz blockchain. And this time the CTO first chain test network, as an open version of Topaz, has made some important improvements to achieve the final specification before the mainnet is online and multi-clients are ready.

The first CTO chain can be launched in Cloud pool 1.0, which also shows that Cloud pool has excellent technology and well-tested. It is a two-way active choice. It is the best choice for the Cloud pool team. Project cooperation is also a good platform for CTO first chain projects to display.

The development of the times has never stagnated, and the progress of the industry has never been ahead. Cloud pool will carry the original intention and dream of boosting the industry, to strive for the value of the blockchain, to struggle, and to embrace this supreme glory.

Opportunities and challenges coexist. Wealth and grasp are symbiotic. If we do not take the initiative to grasp, then we may miss the wealth. I believe that choosing Cloud pool means grasping wealth.

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