After Self Doubt and Plenty of Trial and Error, Ryan Morris founds iFortune Marketing, Social Media Marketing Platform

Ryan Morris, Founder of iFortune Marketing, fought against the grain to complete his vision to become an entrepreneur.

Ryan Morris grew up thinking he wanted to be an engineer like his step-father. Later in life, he attended school for football, but his expectations of a higher education fell short. His first semester ended with a 2.08 GPA, but he realized it was his lack of interest due to no end goal that was keeping him down. One day, a dorm mate showed him a short video about network marketing and he was instantly hooked. From there he took the idea to his parents where they discouraged him initially from entering the field. His mother printed out 25 pages full of reasons why what he was doing was a scam. He eventually gained support when he became successful in the industry over the years. This was only after Morris removed himself from college and moved to South Carolina to prove to himself that he had what it took to be successful in business. Through years of success and failures, Ryan ended up starting iFortune Marketing.

iFortune Marketing is a social media marketing site that helps all types of businesses and people get their name out on the web. Ryan Morris takes a different approach to social media marketing by focusing on each client individually. iFortune Marketing focuses on creating long lasting relationships between clients and their target audience. Ryan thinks that marketing starts by finding your niche and sticking with it.

iFortune Marketing has a 3-step plan that is unlike other marketing companies. First, they seek to educate their clients. To do this, they start by learning the metrics of a client’s account. Afterwards, the client receives a consultation on their statistics and a “getting started guide” on how they can boost their connections. The second step is creating actual connections with a client’s niche audience. Finally, you need to follow their guide to boost your posts on any site’s explore page. This method has given iFortune Marketing a satisfied clientele.

About Ryan Morris: Ryan Morris (@realryanmorris) grew up in a mostly conservative household. As he grew older, he noticed the wealth of his uncle and wanted to earn that kind of a living for himself. Through he wanted to live a life of luxury, he thought that it would be impossible and set the idea in the back of his mind. Deciding college didn't offer what he needed, he moved out and ventured into Entrepreneurship. Years of trial and error led to him starting iFortune Marketing, which has grown to be successful very quickly. In addition to iFortune Marketing, Ryan is also growing a vacation rental management business. His mantra is to learn from everything and everyone and to always stay objective with the information you obtain.

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