After BTC, another currency circle miracle BTR (bit silver) was powerfully killed!

Nebulas Payment, the Nebulas payment public chain system (referred to as the “Nebulas Payment Public Chain”), was built by the Polish blockchain team by bringing together experts.

After 4 years of development, the first public chain ecological BTR to be silver will be launched on UTC: April 26, 2020. After going online, a UTXO snapshot will be taken on the BTC chain 627,736, a 1: 1 airdrop of BitSilver to the BTC holders of the entire network, and a gift source SID promotion authority will be given. The total airdrop is 9047050BitSilver. At that time, it has attracted high attention from all parties in the chain, especially those who are very experienced in the currency circle. They all hope to drink the first bite of soup in the currency circle in 2020 and earn a wave of their own wealth. The major blockchain media and exchanges have prepared for reporting and listing, and are ready to welcome another wave of wealth in the currency circle after BTC!

In order to promote the market in the early stage of the project, in addition to the airdrop, BTR also designed a unique marketing method ICEX. The public offering also provides a free pricing method for BitSilver market prices. ICEX (Initial Coin ExchangeX) 's first currency multiplication stage is 46,500-141,540 blocks. After the BTR goes online, a large number of miners will join the mining, and the computing power of the entire network is constantly being adjusted. The three stages of ICX are expected to be 10 days each. Because the design of ICEX can directly double the investment income, it provides the best investment opportunities for professional cryptocurrency investors to participate in the BTR project.

After ICEX ends, the BTR chain will automatically switch to CEX (Coin ExchangeX) at block 141,541. This is the normal stage of nuclear fusion trading. In the CEX stage, it will be fused according to the ratio of 1BTC: 6326BTR (depending on which layer of fusion in the ICEX stage), so early participation of cryptocurrency investors can easily earn 5/3 / 2 times the gain. In the early stage, there will inevitably be a large number of global blockchain players pouring in to participate in fusion!

In order to better incentivize BTR players to invite more users to participate in the silver ecological network, BTR chain has a comprehensive promotion reward program "Silver Voucher (SID)". Each newly created SID will bring 106BitSilver rewards to the community; direct invitation Reward 35 or 40 BitSilver, system reward 55BitSilver, 10 BitSilver to enter the black hole address, system comprehensive service fee 1 BitSilver. The BH destruction mechanism can effectively reduce market circulation and holdings, thereby increasing the value of BitSilver.

BTR not only has mature technology, but also promotes projects in the currency circle to the era of real public chains. There are many fake public chains on the market today that are engaged in public chain projects. The majority of users in the chain have been deceived. Of course, as the blockchain technology becomes more and more popular, the user's ability to distinguish is also greatly improved. BTR has all the conditions of a public chain, so that users who have participated in BTR can clearly distinguish between the real public chain and the fake public chain on the market!

BTR's true public chain ecology
1. Development of real Bitcoin underlying technology
2. The true zero bubble public chain ecological project
3. 1 million IFPS of tens of thousands of full nodes in the world
4. The world's first truly public chain ecological project
5. The real code open source can be found on
6. Free query of asset data transparent block browser
7, 9 million BTR Bitcoin 1: 1 airdrop free to receive
8. You can get SID for free with 0.1 bitcoin
9. Users can freely build and add master nodes to participate in consensus
10. The key is interlinked with Bitcoin, a real cross-chain wallet
11. You can get SID for free with 0.1 bitcoin
12. Supports all SHA-256 mining machines such as ants, Shenma, etc.
13. The world's first BH mechanism allows the value of BTR to grow steadily

The Bitcoin project is an open source project. The developers come from different countries around the world. Its members have been responsible for the iterative development and fork upgrade tasks of the Bitcoin version many times. To cause such a sensation in the chain circle, the strength of the development team is necessary, because in the field of public chains, technology is one of the most important elements. The BTR development team has experienced several years of bitcoin upgrade experience. BTR is also developed with the underlying technology of BTC, so the technology of BTR need not be questioned, so more veterans in the currency circle believe in the market prospects of BTR!

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