African American Inventor of the Internet believes Biden Administration Trial Unfair

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Dorothy M. Hartman an African American believes that her homes and intellectual property were illegally taken since the 1990’s “When she shared ideas with the government on how to improve Telecommunications .”

African American fights for Justice 30 years regarding the Internet

"Since sharing intellectual property ideas with the U.S. government in the early 90's on how to improve telecom by using cyberspace as an alternate space in which to warehouse products , services , and information and carry out transactions , I have endured injustice . I have tried to fight alone against a tide of what I refer to as institutionalized racism that has expressed itself in violations of my constitutional and civil rights . For a long time I tried fighting as best as I have been handicapped in my attempts”, says Hartman. " The process that I invented is called the Accessing Accessibility Process and when reduced to practice comprises an Internet similar to that of the modern day Internet or Internet 2 . "

Founder and CEO of Abfysellers Group that formerly sold on Ebay – Hartman is referenced in the following case filed in the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit in 2013 , the Case 2013-1070 In Re Dorothy M. Hartman vs. The United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Patent Application is number 11003123 .This case was in the background during the FREE AND OPEN INTERNET debate . Hartman claims that it was kept in the background while at the end of the opinion rendered on the case , the United States had full control of a process that she introduced and that the public knew nothing about. Near and around the same time , congruent with these events Hartman’s home was seized . Hartman fought back right away as a Pro Se litigant with Writs to the Supreme Court but they were not reviewed.

You can follow her current quest for Justice at , Dorothy M. Hartman vs. The United States , both cases ; Case No. 20-0832 in the Court for Federal Claims and Case No. 21-1535 in the Appeals Ct. for the Federal Circuit . Her case is not being covered in traditional media on the Internet . Ms. Hartman believes the modern day internet that was created in 1990-1991 by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Commerce and in use today accommodating billions of people online simultaneously to be a copy of her invention that feeds the world information – the Accessing Accessibility Process .

The original Internet or Internet 1 created by Darpa starting in 1969 was called the Arpanet and was a different structure from today's Internet . The Arpanet was retired in 1990 and was parked in the NSFnet , the precursor of what became Internet 2 after transformation commissioned by the National Science Foundation . For more information visit her blog at that shows on its Patent Application Page a copy of her application and also shows the Opinion rendered by the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit in 2013 during the FREE and OPEN INTERNET debate .

Hartman feels that at that time and later when the Internet was announced as a Utility during the Obama administration that the only thing that became free and open was the use of her personal property by the government including her personal real estate and personal intellectual property . She has repeatedly asked for fair trials including the current cases regarding these matters but thus far she feels that she has been denied .

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Name: Dorothy M. Hartman
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Organization: Former CEO Abfysellers Group

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Name: Dorothy M. Hartman
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Organization: Former CEO Abfysellers Group