Affordable Showers & Tubs for the Elderly Are Owed to Home Depot’s Big Cuts

Home Depot's winter deal is offering accessible showers and bathtubs for up to 40% off. The offer expires on March 27th of this year.

By way of the slowly ending winter season, accessible showers and bathtubs from Home Depot are becoming lighter on seniors’ pockets. Three models have been chosen to showcase their specs and workability for the elderly who find trouble using traditional bathtubs and showers independently.

The kicker is that top bathroom additions are slashed by equal to or greater than 20% until March 27th of this year.
With winter deals coming in from all directions, it’s easy to get lost in the madness, albeit the elderly who find it difficult to bathe independently will find a lot to be hopeful for before the end of March.

These models have been showcased many times over the internet but it’s clear that they deserve this kind of preference due to their extensive therapeutic features, safety design elements - and now – substantially improved value for money.

What one looks for in accessible bathtubs and showers are four things:
1) Low-threshold entrance: Since the biggest issue associated with regular bathtubs for seniors are high walls, walk-in tubs solve this problem by incorporating a watertight door that opens up to a 0” – 7” high step-in, depending on the model one decides to go with.
2) Non-slip floor: Whether the floor is treated with an anti-slip solution or designed with a textured surface for purposes of foot traction, non-slip floors are a must to combat slipping accidents common in the bathroom among the elderly population.
3) Safety grab bars: Grab bars vary from model to model by their positioning and angle of orientation. The right combination of the two definitely comes in handy for an older person.
4) Wheelchair access: Although it isn’t a must for all seniors, there are models that incorporate wheelchair-accessibility into their very designs.

Two big brands, Universal Tubs and American Standard, are making a huge entrance by allowing these deals to take place within Home Depot’s catalog. The full list of products featured in the winter deal can be found on Home Depot’s marketing page.

Universal Tubs Walk-in Whirlpool (Offer Ends on the 20th)

The biggest discount of the three would have to be Universal Tubs’ walk-in whirlpool. Currently, its price dropped an astounding 33% from $3,773 down to $2,527.91 – that’s $1,245.09 in savings. As the most popular selection among buyers, the walk-in whirlpool meets all safety requirement except that of wheelchair access to a large degree. Depending on the extremity of a person’s condition, there can be exceptions to this rule.

Rundown of specs:
• Whirlpool massager made up of 13 adjustable water jets.
• Built-in chromotherapy LEDs.
• A friction heater to keep the water warm for extended periods of time.
• A drain that releases the water in under 60 seconds.
• And a lot more.

American Standard Exclusive Series Walk-in Whirlpool (Offer Ends on the 27th)

Although it’s a minute slower than its predecessor, this model entry drains in under 2 minutes. Still quicker than most models of this caliber, the exclusive series walk-in whirlpool delivers speed, spaciousness, and comfort to soothe and heal its user. With a slightly reclined backrest making the bather feel at home, adjustable whirlpool jets work to make a senior’s body leaner and healthier.

The full spectrum of benefits found in hydrotherapy can be found in this informative article.

After the 20% sale, this quality tub is currently being sold for $3,068.99 down from $3,836.24.

Rundown of specs:
• Whirlpool massager made up of 8 adjustable water jets.
• Greater water depths achieved for a quality soak.
• A drain that releases the water in under 2 minutes.
• And much more.

American Standard’s Seated Shower (Offer Ends on the 27th)

A little over a thousand bucks, American Standard’s second entry is a highly accessible unit for wheelchair-bound users. It’s often referred to as a slide-in shower due to the easy action of laterally sliding on from seat to seat without outside help. Where the previous two models were only partially supportive of wheelchair users, this shower delivers on all the four key safety features discussed earlier.

Rundown of specs:
• Wheelchair accessible.
• Fits into standard tub space.
• Easy installation.

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