Affordable Pet Labs Pivots for Explosive Demand of In-Home Veterinary Grade Lab Diagnostics

Leading providers of state-of-the-art lab check-ups for pets, Affordable Pet Labs, plans to scale up their offerings across the US as demand for in-home veterinary grade lab diagnostics

The team at Affordable Pet Labs, led by passionate pet lover, Dr. Rory Lubold, continues to rapidly scale across the US to address surging demand for its’ tech-assisted, onsite lab services and home-delivered lab kits. The brand is responding to the increasing demand for in-house veterinary grade lab diagnostics with tech-assisted visits and delivery kits, actively vetting capital growth partnerships.

Co-founder, Dr. Rory Lubold, briefed an esoteric group of industry leaders at a recent VMX conference in Orlando, FL, describing Affordable Pet Labs as a Netflix/Uber-like animal diagnostics company revolutionizing the traditional animal care delivery model more befitting of today’s technologically connected, convenience-minded, and COVID sensitive pet consumers.
More pet parents are demanding increased access to care, convenience, and active empowerment of their pets’ health. However, there are not enough service providers to address the concerns of pet owners, which is where Affordable Pet Labs aims to make a difference with their all-inclusive platform.

Affordable Pet Labs’ innovative technological platform operates a convenient onsite-visit service model and easy self-service with home-delivered kits exactly as pet parents crave. Dr. Lubold also continued to reiterate the uniqueness of the innovative solution to remove the barriers to care and facilitate a more stress-free home experience for both parents and pets, not replicable in any clinic or hospital.

Chief Executive Rory Lubold, DVM also took the opportunity to sing the praises of the solution, sharing a testimony of an elderly pet parent who could not lift her 200-lb, Newfoundland to drive to the nearest hospital. “The client called Affordable Pet Labs and our certified pet nurses had drawn the labs in the comfort of the pet’s home where the diagnostic results were promptly electronically delivered both to the parent and the primary care veterinarian. The company’s service ruled out non-urgent intervention and reduced care delay because both the veterinarian and the pet parent received much faster bio-metric data validating next steps that typically would have had to wait until the pet parent solved their care delivery challenges.”
Rory reiterated that the parents desired lab tests aligned quite nicely with what most veterinarians would want to be ordered in a typical Health and Wellness diagnostic panel. The company’s Total Health Assessment bundled blood tests with nurse-assisted home visits and the cost-effective, self-service delivered urine, fecal, and nutritional intolerance test kits rank as the most popular services and products. Consequently, the company has extremely high clients return rates, according to Rory, one of several indicators justifying the Affordable Pet Labs philosophy of “Focus on doing things right and the rights will happen.”

This revolutionary new care delivery model is universal, offering an all-inclusive approach to integrating the best of all four approaches prioritizing the pet’s health and wellness first, the parents’ convenience next all while offering a cost-effective and very-high value.

Affordable Pet Labs is practically leap-frogging the human healthcare industry’s service delivery models and are excited to share this exciting phase of growth and expansion with investors or other industry partners.

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