Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services Informs Vancouver Residents Of New By Laws

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services warn individuals in Vancouver BC that fines are to be introduced by new by laws on tree planting, cutting and removal, and recommend people seek professional help.

Vancouver, BC is known for its natural beauty, and this includes not only the vast wildernesses to the north, but the suburban and urban areas too, where individuals take pride in their gardens. There, trees have offered beauty, shade and cleaner air for residents. Now however, new by-laws are being introduced which will punish homeowners and businesses by requiring new permissions, as well as creating new fines surrounding tree maintenance. Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services is advising individuals to seek professional help.

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services offer professional tree cutting and hedge trimming services, including pruning, storm damage mediation and stump grinding. The company is now fully prepared to work within the confines of the new by-laws, which include new permits for tree cutting and planting. Critics have claimed the new by-laws will make it less desirable to plant trees, but the company can navigate the red-tape on behalf of clients as part of their landscaping services.

Because there are fines for cutting and maintaining trees as well as for planting them, the new by-laws can cause serious problems for home owners looking to do it themselves. Together with the risks of falling debris and injury at height, the company recommend people trust professionals to take care of their tree care needs.

A spokesperson for Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services explained, “With new permissions needed and fines possible, the by-laws have made it more difficult for people to choose what to do with their trees. That is why we are doubling down on our commitment to be there for customers and make the process as easy as possible. We will guarantee all proper permissions and permits will be acquired, and all work carried out in accordance with best practices. This can give our clients complete peace of mind, and avoid punitive measures from the local government.”

About Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services: Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services is a local, family-owned tree service. With over a decade of industry expertise, Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services is deeply passionate about nature and offers the best amenities at ideal prices. They provide cutting, pruning, wood sculpture, storm damage mediation, and stump grinding services. Their company is fully licensed and insured, allowing them to provide efficient tree moving services and tackle the innate dangers of climbing great heights.

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