Adrienne Papp Launches Web Platform For Small Companies In Anti Aging Industry

Web-based Youthful & Ageless offers ongoing branding on major news outlets for companies with limited marketing budgets.

Adrienne Papp, a Santa Monica, CA-based marketing and publicity professional, has announced the launch of a new platform that will allow small companies with anti-aging and wellness products and services to promote themselves to an large international audience. The site, Youthful & Ageless, provides an environment where entrepreneurial small businesses that otherwise might not have the time or resources for a full scale marketing effort can become part of a larger family and find themselves promoted on major news media.

Papp estimates that the exposure on high profile cable new networks could result in exposure to more than 250 million viewers within a year. The marketing package at Youthful & Ageless includes the development of promotional videos, feature articles, social media and other marketing messages that can be delivered over the Internet through the proprietary platform.

“We make sure a core story is constantly exposed to the growing market on the Internet – the Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials – who are pouring over 500 billion dollars each year into the anti-aging and related industries,” Papp says. “Constant exposure at the highest levels is key to the successful marketing of any business.”

The Youthful & Ageless platform also uses the most sophisticated technology to ensure that its partners show up in any search that is related to their business. The site is already tracking at the top of health, wellness and anti-aging related searches even though it just recently launched.  

“Over more than 20 years as an independent publicist and CEO with my company Atlantic Publicity, I have seen the disappointment that small companies suffer because they can only afford to buy one time exposure while they are trying to brand themselves,” Papp says. “Branding typically requires a lot of money. High profile cable TV networks and airlines are very expensive for advertisers, but they are also trusted sources for information. They would be key components in a branding campaign, but small companies can’t afford the cost or time to create high-level efforts with those outlets. The platform at Youthful & Ageless is an ideal way for small companies to market themselves across a wide variety of highly-regarded media outlets.”

Youthful and Ageless is designed to support promising up and coming businesses,” Papp continues. “I believe that is an honorable cause and truly the backbone of America. We want to keep them competitive. About 95% of all small companies fail precisely because they do not have the funds to get in front of a large audience with a simple message to start selling fast. What I am offering is a powerful and cost-effective way for entrepreneurial companies to get their message in front of targeted clients who are looking for the exact products they are selling.”

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