Adrienne Papp Launches Digital Branding 2020 Combining a Matrixed Marketing Platform and Online Publication Under Youthful and Ageless Banner.

Newly-Developed Marketing Platform Aims to Connect Health, Wellness and Anti-Aging Companies With Targeted Customers.

If a matrix can be defined as the cultural, social, or political environment in which something is developed, then Digital Branding 2020, as developed by Adrienne Papp with creative support from branding veteran Nick Mysore, can be described as a matrixed branding and marketing platform that interconnects a number of web applications to effectively develop and promote its client base.

This unique digital branding platform, combined with a leading edge online publication, continuously provides simple and direct messaging about brands and showcased products and/or services on the most recognizable international media outlets.

The program is currently being offered in two packages. A tier one level subscription provides comprehensive and ongoing marketing and promotion to half a billion pre-qualified customers – the people who are actively looking for products and services in the health, wellness and anti-aging categories. A tier two subscription offers branding development, including production and video messaging, on some of the highest profile media outlets.

“By becoming a member of the platform a client gets constant exposure, not only by continually running an effective message on prime TV networks and cable networks, but also on nationally syndicated radio networks,” says Adrienne Papp, the founder and president of Youthful and Ageless, an affiliate of Adrienne Papp Enterprises (Papp and her companies own the registered intellectual property rights). “Digital Branding 2020 also uses our powerful social media presence to promote our client’s message to all of our social media followers, which now number 700,000 and are constantly increasing.”

The new Digital Branding 2020 concept is one of the first efforts developed by Papp with creative involvement from Nick Mysore, a nationally-known branding professional who was responsible for developing the famous “Got Milk?” campaign, among many others. Adrienne Papp has expertise that comes from a lengthy career as a highly regarded MBA, celebrity journalist/publicist and economist.

Through these new platforms, a company, especially small startups or those with limited marketing funds, will never have to worry about promoting their products or services. “The platform provides unique capabilities to a brand through recognized and trusted media outlets, and the results are quick,” says Papp. “Clients will be selling while we are branding: our efforts go on continuously. There’s no need to wait for sales growth to get branded and recognized.”

The new partnership of Papp and Mysore promises to help companies – from small startups to large established corporations – distinguish themselves from the competition and rise to the top through Digital Branding 2020 in the ever-evolving technology of the Internet. The platform is years ahead of its time in terms of Internet technology as it exists today. “What Digital Branding 2020 delivers would normally cost millions of dollars and years of exposure with other programs for the same results,” says Papp. “With this application/platform and digital publication a client’s marketing and branding message effectively reaches close to half a billion specifically targeted potential customers. This is a well-educated, affluent demographic that cares about health, anti-aging products and services and, in general, a youthful and ageless lifestyle. They are mostly well-established Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and even the Silent Generation.”

Mysore is one of the most credentialed professionals in the field of marketing, advertising and branding and sees new opportunities for young and also established companies in the new digital landscape through Papp’s Youthful and Ageless Platform.

“In teaming up with Adrienne and Atlantic Publicity’s Youthful and Ageless, my goal is to help companies who do not have the capabilities to do their own digital branding and help them understand the intrinsic value that an incisive branding effort can do for them,” Mysore explains. “Branding involves taking the image and message of what a company stands for and getting that out to people as widely and as effectively as possible. Adrienne created the platform to achieve just that to help small to midsize companies compete with big ones on the most recognized media outlets in the world.”

To say that it’s a whole new ballgame in terms of marketing and branding on the Internet may be an understatement as the technology grows exponentially, but well-positioned companies who take advantage of the power available to them will now emerge as the key players in their respective fields. In terms of health, wellness and anti-aging companies, Adrienne Papp has built a convenient, consumer-friendly and comprehensive new matrixed platform, and, along with the addition of brand guru Nick Mysore, now has the ability to help promising young and larger companies distinguish themselves as dominant players as they move into the new era of Digital Branding 2020.


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