Adrienne Papp Enterprises Announces Upcoming Project with “Hormone Queen” Deborah Maragopoulos.

New Projects Include Future Book on the Well-Regarded Health and Wellness Practitioner.

Adrienne Papp of Adrienne Papp Enterprises had earlier announced a new relationship with a well-respected practitioner in the health and wellness industry – Deborah Maragopoulos – in a book project. The project is delayed and off the table for now, but will be worth waiting for.

As crucial questions remain about her life and special talents, the publishing project has been postponed to date to be announced later. “I have not yet received answers to questions that are important about Deborah’s life journey and special talents, due to time constraints and other circumstances.”

Maragopoulos decided early in her career to focus on a comprehensive, intuitive approach to patient healing. What she found out in dealing with her patients was that she intuitively understood a lot more of what was going on besides the actual physical symptoms. “That is why I was persuaded to work with her and better understand her extraordinary approach,” Papp adds.

“I could tell with some of my patients that they had been victims of physical assault, for instance,” Maragopoulos says. “I could feel it through them.”

One of the questions to be answered is how Deborah detects emotional, mental and severe psychological abuse, all of which are destructive and are governed by the “think-feel – feel, think” mechanism, which all comes from the hypothalamus in the biological sense, which is the cornerstone of her practice. Once all questions are answered the book is expected to become a best seller in the health and wellness field and will allow one to heal herself/himself. The book will also eventually receive promotions on various cable networks.

It’s a compelling story, with the book project announced earlier this year and in development since June, 2018, to be written by veteran journalist, Adrienne Papp, who has a number of diplomas in various fields, and will be detailing Maragopoulos’ story in a way that would have people up reading the book in bed at night. With almost epidemic levels of disease across the world, it’s a story that is more topical than ever.

Once the publishing deal is back on the table, the book is designed to cover not only all of the above, but how her early childhood experiences contributed to her extraordinary success as she paid more and more attention to her inner voice; adding to it the importance of her career as a comprehensive, intuitive nurse practitioner and her plans to franchise a worldwide network of wellness practitioners.

“We are disappointed that the book project has stalled for now,” says Papp who is into quantum physics, is a guest professor of marketing and a publicist among many other professions. “Debora Maragopoulos is unique and has a very different and more comprehensive approach than other practitioners. The public must understand her work better, and how the hypothalamus governs everything. I am an active 9/11 victim and a cancer survivor. I know what she is talking about, especially the emotional, mental and psychological abuse factor. I support her comprehensive approach, and I understand her financial needs to gain freedom for her franchise,” adds Papp.

Information on Deborah Maragopoulos’ forthcoming book, as authored by journalist and publicist Adrienne Papp, will be announced as the project moves forward later this year.

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