Adext Anounces Launch of Amplify Beta AI Ad Tech announces launch of Adext AMaaS the first and only transparent self-service AI outperforming humans at Google AdWords and Facebook ads Adext

Adext announces the launch of an innovative tool to help users boost Google and Facebook ads conversions using the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Touted as a dynamic audience optimization platform, the goal of the Artificial intelligence for google ads powered tool is to help find the best audiences for a campaign and to identify the lowest KPI cost.

The process to use the Advertising Performance tool offered by Adext is simple. Step one is to connect existing advertising campaigns to the Adext AI. Once connected, select the campaign and ad groups/sets that will be optimized, and after the compatibility of the campaign is verified, it’s possible to launch the first Smart Campaign. With the tool, users can receive reports outlining the best performance audiences and the KPIs top performers right in the dashboard.

“With Adext AI, we offer two ways for you to explore and learn more about your audiences,” stated Mauricio Curiel from Adext. “The first option is “Explore AI Only,” which uses all of the Adext AI potential. With this option the tool analyzes your campaign history and assigns a budget to clones of your campaign to determine how it would work with different audiences. With the results, adjustments are made to the budget to find the right audiences for the lowest or the highest KPI costs. The other option is to Explore AI vs. No AI. Both are viable solutions that can help you learn about Google and facebook ads performance.”

The customizable dashboard is a user favorite, offering features that allow them to easily find the information they need or want, with the ability to hide or disable unwanted reports and information.

More information about the AI-powered Adext can be found by visiting the company’s website or by contacting the professional team.


Adext AI seeks to find the best audience for any ad, it does it by intelligently setting budgets every hour for up to 10 distinct demographic segments, using Machine Learning models that utilize Bayesian inference, simulations and Transfer Learning to continuously explore and exploit the best audience for every ad. Adext AI allows anyone to attach real AI into their existing Ads accounts to make up to 240 daily audience budget updates for each of their ad groups, and it only takes 5 minutes to get started.

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Name: Mauricio Curiel
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Organization: Adext
Address: 1007 N Orange St. Wilmington, Delaware DE 19801.
Phone: 5579062006

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