Addiction Advocates Offers Free Addiction Help

Addiction Advocates is a Fort Collins-based group which offers addiction help to those who need treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The non-profit group assists people in finding appropriate rehab options based in their individual needs.

Providing help for addiction is the purpose of the non-profit organization known as Addiction Advocates. The professional people associated with the organization have worked in the area of treatment for addicts for many years. The service is free of charge and is dedicated to helping addicts or their family members locate the best treatment centers. The founders of the group represent those who have worked for treatment centers. Other principals have owned businesses which help the centers. In each case, their purpose to give addicts information about options for treatment.

Finding the best option in a center can be difficult, particularly if the addict is deep in the symptoms of addiction. The right center is one which understands the needs of the addict. The advisers work with addicts and/or family members to understand the situation. It is important to understand the full story in order to help the addict. The advisers work with clients throughout the entire process in order to answer questions which may arise.

During the course of working together, the advisers work with clients and family members to learn more information about the signs of addiction. They may learn details about the drug use, alcohol abuse or addiction to pills. The advisers identify the nature of the substance which needs to be treated. The founders of the organization can assist clients who are in need of an intervention. The client will be connected with a top-ranked intervention specialist when needed.

Once the nature of the situation has been identified, insurance details are reviewed in order to determine the amount of cost to the addict or family. This information is shared so there are no surprises in financial matters. The decision about which treatment locations are best can be made from full information. The adviser may also assist with the arrangements to get the patient into the selected treatment center.

Contact Info:
Name: Marcus Hansen, CEO
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Organization: Addiction Advocates
Address: 155 E. Boardwalk Dr., Fort Collins CO 80525
Phone: (866) 734-2242

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