Action Solar Addresses the New California Solar Law

Action Solar explains what the new law in California which requires new homes to be pre-build with solar capabilities means for the different aspects of the housing market.

Action Solar of San Diego, a well-established solar energy company and a subsidiary of the premier heating and cooling company Action AC in the San Diego area, weighs in about the new law passed in California in May. This law predicts that all new residencies built in California will need to have solar panels on them as a way to push forward the renewable energy initiative. The law is set to be implemented in 2020, so all the major players have time to adjust to the new situation.

All new residential buildings with tree stories or fewer will need to have solar panels, which brings solar energy into the mainstream of the energy production. It is still unclear how this move will affect the energy production industry in the State, but many electricity companies have already raised concerns with this decision.

“The energy market is changing and people want a bit more independence from the central grid. The State of California is the prime location for solar energy with anywhere between 250 and 300 sunny days per year”, says Brian Amodio, the CEO of Action Solar of San Diego. He adds “Many potential homeowners are worried about the increased cost of construction and mortgage, but there are plenty of rebates and programs which can offset the initial costs of installation, and the savings from generating electricity will cover the costs in most cases sooner than you might think. There are some estimates that the new solar capabilities will increase the mortgage payment around $40, whereas potential savings go as far as $80 per month. This is a win-win for the consumers.”

About Action Solar: Action Solar of San Diego is a part of Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar, one of the premier heating and cooling companies in the San Diego County. The company boasts multiple awards and countless top-rated reviews by satisfied customers, and has been at the service of the San Diego County for 43 years.

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