Acqua Funding Paves the Way for the American Dream in Real Estate Investment

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Acqua Funding's lending approach is centered around allowing investors to build their American Dream. Acqua's game-changing approach challenges the industry by offering higher leverage to first-time investors eager to embark on their real estate investment journey.

Acqua Funding has stepped up efforts to empower investors and help them achieve their American dream. It has unveiled a game-changing marketing and lending approach, which has fueled the company’s strong reputation only within a year’s time. 

The company was founded by Andrew Francini, who quickly carved out a name for himself in the mortgage banking industry, setting records in the space just a few years after graduating from the USC Marshall School of Business. At 27 years old, he has already closed over $500,000,000 in assets to date. 

Acqua Funding has marked an impressive achievement by funding over $30,000,000 in loans during its inaugural year in 2023, expanding its footprint to over 35 states. In 2024 alone, the company has already surpassed the $15,000,000 mark. The majority of these loans are 1-4 unit assets acquired by first timers all across the country, underscoring its commitment to providing financial support to individuals aspiring to build their American dream. Meanwhile, for seasoned investors, Acqua provides a price beat guarantee for any competitor in their space.

According to its website, Acqua Funding is able to outpace its competitors by offering 20-25% higher leverage on "fix and flip" loans for first-time investors. This unique approach enables first-timers to make more manageable initial down payments, thus alleviating the financial burden associated with their inaugural deals. However, it all comes down to the investor showing a quality credit score.

Andrew, and his sister Nina – Acqua’s Director of Communications – are descendants of first-generation immigrants who arrived in the United States after World War II and the Korean War. Despite coming in the '50s with meager resources and no command of English, their grandparents epitomized the American Dream through hard work and determination.

Andrew says that his grandparents' story inspired the founding of Acqua Funding. He states, "As my grandparents got the opportunity to build their American dream, I was inspired to build something to give back to this country, all while achieving my own dreams at the same time. It's a win-win." 

Nina, for her part, reflects on the values instilled in them by their grandparents, stating, "We were taught to work hard, sacrifice for friends and family, give generously, and, most importantly, always remain humble." These principles, forged through the challenges of immigration, were passed down through generations. 

Making strides in real estate education

The company is set to launch Acqua Funding Learning in April, a sister company focused on providing real estate investment education and consulting services. The platform will offer written, audio, and video courses to equip first-time investors with the knowledge needed to transition from learning how to invest all the way to funding the deal itself.

"Many people desire to take the leap into real estate, but the lack of aggressive capital and proper education often hinders their intuitions. Fear and uncertainty hold people back. Acqua Funding is here to provide that missing security, quality education, and extra capital to empower them to commit," explains Andrew.

It’s this innovation that has positioned Acqua Funding as one of the country's fastest-growing real estate loan providers. Through its adept marketing strategies, unwavering commitment to excellent service, and the energy of its youthful team, Acqua Funding continues to challenge the industry's status quo, actively contributing to realizing the American Dream for aspiring real estate investors.

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About Acqua Funding:

Acqua Funding is a leading table funding lender, mortgage brokerage, and consulting agency specializing in 1-4 unit, investment-purpose fix and flip loans, rental loans, and construction loans for all experience-level investors. With a distinct focus on first-time investors and a commitment to challenging industry norms, Acqua Funding brings a new standard in real estate investment with the highest leverage and quickest turn times to close on the market.

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Name: Benjamin Banning, Business Development - Partner
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Organization: Acqua Funding
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