Acqua Funding Announces Launch of Innovative Real Estate Learning Platform in April, Bridging Knowledge Gaps

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In a significant move to democratize access to real estate investment, Acqua Funding is set to revolutionize the industry with the launch of Acqua Funding Learning. This new educational arm is dedicated to empowering first-time investors with the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to successfully navigate the complex world of real estate. Scheduled to debut in mid April, this initiative represents a groundbreaking step.

Andrew Francini, CEO of Acqua Funding

Acqua Funding was founded by Andrew Francini, and under his leadership, the company has achieved remarkable milestones. In its inaugural year, it funded over $30 million in loans and extended its reach across more than 35 states. Acqua Funding Learning is the latest testament to the company's commitment to not just financing dreams but also educating and nurturing them.

"Real estate investing should not be a fortress inaccessible to the majority," said Andrew Francini, "Acqua Funding Learning is our way of breaking down barriers, offering a ladder of knowledge and financial support to those looking to make their mark in real estate investing."

The platform will offer a comprehensive suite of educational materials, including written content, audio recordings, and video tutorials designed to guide beginners from the basics of residential real estate investment to the complexities of funding and managing properties. With a focus on 1-4 unit "fix and flip" and rental loans, Acqua Funding Learning aims to provide leverage and support to newcomers, ensuring they have the necessary foundation to make informed decisions.

Benjamin Banning, Director of Business Development and Co-Founder, emphasizes the importance of shaping the mission of Acqua Funding and its educational initiative. "Hard work, sacrifice, and humility are not just principles we live by; they're the bedrock of what we want to impart to our learners. We're here to empower, educate, and elevate the next generation of real estate investors."

Acqua Funding and its team, fueled by youthful energy and a disruptive approach to marketing and service, stand at the forefront of redefining real estate investment. With the launch of Acqua Funding Learning, the company is not just facilitating investments.

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About Acqua Funding:

Acqua Funding is a leading table funding lender, mortgage brokerage, and consulting agency specializing in 1-4 unit, investment-purpose fix and flip loans, rental loans, and construction loans for investors of all experience levels. With a unique focus on empowering first-time investors and a commitment to challenging industry norms, Acqua Funding is redefining the landscape of real estate investment.

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Name: Benjamin Banning, Business Development - Partner
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Organization: Acqua Funding
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