Aconman: Ways to improve air conditioner performance

Get some tips & tricks about how to improve air conditioner performance from Practice the good habits to improve air conditioner performance from now.

Receiving the electricity bill at the end of the month and glaring blankly into the surprising figures while recalling what have caused this ‘outrageous’ charges is not a pleasant situations to be at. Fail to take notice of the condition of your air conditioner will result in a big cut in your purse in the long run. So keep in mind to monitor the condition of your wall mounted air conditioner once in awhile as the better the performance of your air conditioning unit, the lesser the power consumption and thus the lesser the cost of your electricity bills.

Practise the good habit of improving the performance of your air conditioning unit :

- Constant cleaning of the outdoor condenser unit.

( Nobody likes to live in a filthy surrounding, so do your condenser unit. Clear any debris clouding your condenser unit to improve airflow and remove any unnecessary obstruction.)

- Make sure indoor vents are free from obstruction.

( Just like the outdoor, the indoor vents should be free of clogging and obstruction as well to improve ventilation and air flow.)

- Tune up your thermostat.

( Adjust the room temperature to a level you feel comfortable. It is not wise to experience excessive cooling under the blanket while your bills trickle up unbeknownst to you!)

- Keep away heat producing appliances from thermostat.

( Make sure the thermostat is not near any heat emitting sources. It acts like the skin, any increase sensed in the temperature will automatically render the system to run longer and harder.)

- Routine cleaning of filters.

( Clean your air filters once in awhile to remove clogged dust and improve air flow. Alternatively, engage professional service through our air-con servicing deals to maintain or replace the filters to ensure maximum efficiency.)

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There are several telltale signs to take heed from prior to servicing your filters where the severity depends on how often you clean air conditioner filter. Either clean it yourself or engage professional service to ensure the problems are adhered to as soon as possible.

- The air blowing out from the vent is not as cool as it used to be

- Air flow is weak.

- Thermostat is spoiled.

- Leakage found in the system.

- Squealing, grinding or grating sound could be heard from the system.

- Unpleasant or strange odours is detected from the system.

An up and performing air filter will ensure you enjoy the total comfort while saving on the cost of repairing faulty parts and electricity bills too. Hiring our professional service from ACONMAN to do all the maintenance works not only guarantee the quality of our service for you but also save you the hassle of getting the things done yourself. Contact us directly or look through our aircon servicing deals to find out more!

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