Acevpn Launch IKEv2 Standard With Always-On VPN For iOS and Mac Devices

Acevpn has introduced the new IKEv2 VPN standard for all iPhone, iPad and Mac users, offering the most cutting edge and secure VPN services, with always-on feature for maximum security.

Acevpn recently rolled out the IKEv2 VPN service for Windows, Android, Linux, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and more, and has today announced the VPN is now available on iOS and Mac devices for the first time. The new VPN standard is the best in the business, offering superior security and performance over IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP and more.

The new standard uses a 384-bit Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). The higher the bits, the more secure the VPN, and the 384-bit ECDSA is equivalent to rival the RSA algorithm functioning at 7680 bits.

This enhanced security will be more necessary than ever after major institutions like Equifax have seen the personal data of hundreds of millions of users stolen by hackers, including credit card numbers. This has led consumers to take their online privacy more seriously.

For the average consumer user, this means faster speeds, higher security and a more efficient use of computer resources. IKEv2 performance is so exceptional, it is used by corporations and governments for their sensitive data. With packages starting under $4 a month, it offers far superior protection to any Free VPN service, for the lowest possible price.

The new VPN also has a new “always on” option, meaning users no longer have to initiate the private connection, preventing any accidental data leaks, errors in usage or exposure to data thieves.

Making the new VPN standard available on all Apple devices will ensure greater uptake and greater security for more people than ever.

A spokesperson for Acevpn explained, “We are thrilled to be able to introduce IKEv2 for Mac and iOS. This development has taken us some time to perfect, but we will never offer a service unless it meets our exceptional standards of customer experience. Now Mac and iOS are covered, we are able to deliver the very best VPN protection for every device. With 100 million iPhones in use in the US alone, this was an essential expansion of our services. We are happy to say every one of those phones can now be protected with the best VPN standards.”

About Acevpn: Acevpn offers a wide range of virtual private network services and associated featured. With military grade encryption, no logs, gigabit servers placed all over the world and industry leading uptime, they are able to offer the very best service discretely and affordably. Their services can manage multiple platforms and protocols simultaneously, allowing people to protect their online privacy no matter where they are, or the device they use.

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