Accounting and Company Secretarial Services By SBS Consulting Helps Businesses Achieve Their Financial and Compliance Goals Effectively

“The Singapore Companies Act highlights the importance of employing a Singapore resident Corporate Secretary, within 6 months of incorporation. By offering quality and consistent Company secretarial Services in Singapore, SBS Consulting is all set to lead this service sector.”

Gone are the days when corporate secretaries were meant to take notes in board meetings or when they used to work as administrative servants of the Board. Today’s corporate secretarial Singapore performs much broader role from being an advisor to the Board for taking responsibility for the company’s corporate governance.

“SBS Consulting has evolved their corporate secretarial services Singapore to assist clients in managing and mitigating the risks of corporate non-compliance. The innovative techniques used by them are coupled with years of professional experience, which eventually helps in easing the administrative burdens from shoulders of company management, across various functional boundaries”, said Ms. Meena, the business head of SBS Consulting.

After the introduction of Sarbanes-Oxley and ongoing changes in the legal and corporate environment, the Singapore companies started to feel the unprecedented need to implement rigorous internal controls. Singaporean companies more than ever started caring and ensuring the effective management of legal entities on a global basis. Obviously, this is one of the greatest challenges and an onerous responsibility faced by the directors of the Singaporean companies.

ACRA on a yearly basis sends thousands of summonses to different companies and their directors due to non-compliance with the Singapore Companies Act. This might be the reason; Company directors more than ever are feeling the increasing pressure of evolving legislative requirements that are governed and regulating the administration of their companies. Staying compliant and maintaining up-to-date records has become more complex and time-consuming for them.

“Effective and efficient corporate secretary services will surely help in guiding companies to sail seamlessly through the changes and challenges. A competitive firm offering company secretary service eases the administrative burden and allows company directors and managers to focus on the core responsibility of running business operations”, said Ms. Meena.

According to the Companies Act, the appointed company secretary should be a natural person and an ordinary resident of Singapore with adequate knowledge and experience to discharge functions of the company secretary. Only if the director happens to be the sole director of a company he/she is allowed to resume the duties of company secretary.

An employee of SBS Consulting, commented, “By following the Code of Corporate Governance 2005 and the Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (SAICSA)’s good governance guide, SBS Consulting has managed to remold their services for providing quality and compliant services. The company secretary professionals from SBS are qualified and experienced enough to take on additional duties, related to accounting, legal, human resource and general administration”.

Maintaining proper books of accounts is one of the most crucial parts of every business. Managing accounts and account books appropriately and precisely helps a great deal in running business operations with added ease and convenience. “Those looking for renowned accounting firms in Singapore, SBS Consulting are surely the name filled with the zeal to be better than the rest”, said Ms. Meena.

Taking a hint from what Ms. Meena said, her colleague continued, “The best thing about SBS is helping clients to prepare both interim financial statements, as well as an annual financial statement. Apart from that the proficiency of the firm in maintaining general ledger helps business owners understand their financial position in the most accurate way, eventually leading them to make profitable business decisions”.

“Small and medium enterprises are booming in Singapore and those are the ones committing mistakes and facing penalty charges for non-compliance issues. With the combined corporate secretary services and specialized accounting for small business, definitely these companies will never face any compliance issues and accounting problems”, concluded Ms. Meena.

About SBS

SBS Consulting with its consistent methodology and streamlined corporate services has aligned corporate secretarial services for achieving operational efficiency and satisfactory service quality. By maintaining a balance between the complex process of corporate compliance and strict statutory timeline, SBS offers company secretary services either as a stand-alone service or with a strategic combination of Accounting, Taxation, Auditing or Bookkeeping services.

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