Accelerated Banking Review: Legit Strategy or Online Hype. The Truth

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Accelerated Banking is a financial services company. They promise homeowners help in paying off a 30-year mortgage faster, saving them time and money. They teach a unique financial concept called Accelerated Banking, hence the company name. Some may refer to this strategy as velocity banking or mortgage acceleration. Let’s see if this is a legitimate company that offers a valuable service and results. 

Introducing Accelerated Banking

Accelerated Banking was founded by Sam and Daniel Kwak, the Kwak Brothers. They are two brothers who developed an interest in real estate and finance in their early years. They first discovered the Accelerated Banking concept in 2016 at a financial seminar. Sam Kwak, the leading advocate for Accelerated Baking says that it took him 2 months to fully understand it.

"At first, I had zero understanding of this strategy. It didn't make sense to me. I asked, 'Why would anyone use a high-interest rate HELOC to pay off their mortgage?'." Says Sam Kwak. "But when I went deeper and looked at the math behind it, it all clicked. It took me 2 months to really understand why and how to concept worked!"

Sam Kwak also adds that he thought the strategy was a sham until he fully understood it. Once Sam understood the concept, he decided to create a YouTube video to explain the concept. 

"I had to share it. It's like discovering a gold mine that never runs out. You want to share it with anybody and everybody!" says Sam Kwak

The YouTube video soon went viral with millions of views and shares. Soon after, the Kwak Brothers' email account was buzzing with questions about the concept. 

"I knew people were liking the strategy. So we decided to launch an official company to help homeowners pay off their mortgage using this." Says Sam Kwak.

In 2019, the Kwak Brothers launched 'Accelerated Banking' as an official company to help homeowners pay off their mortgages faster.

How the Accelerated Banking Concept Works

The Accelerated Banking concept relies on using a line of credit, often a HELOC. Sam Kwak says that homeowners don't necessarily have to use a line of credit for the strategy to work. A homeowner using Accelerated Banking would use the line of credit to apply a large principal payment against the mortgage. What's special about the line of credit is how the interest is accrued. When the homeowner deposits their paycheck or savings into the line of credit, the daily balance is reduced. This, subsequently, reduces the interest on the line of credit. All the while, the homeowner can still access the funds at any time for expenses. 

One thing that Sam Kwak stresses when it comes to math is the daily interest calculation.

"The line of credit is really sensitive to the daily balance. The strategy rests on the fact that the balance has to stay low for some time. The interest is charged daily. That means, the longer we keep the balance low, the lower our interest cost is" 

Sam Kwak says that many attempted to dispute the legitimacy of the concept. Even he tried to do so when he didn't fully understand the strategy. 

"But when you actually understand the math, it becomes incredibly clear that this strategy is different. It's not the same thing as paying extra directly into the mortgage. It's not the same thing as doing bi-weekly mortgage payments or refinancing to a lower rate.

When asked about the high-interest rate on many HELOCs these days, Sam Kwak responds: 

"It's not about the rates. It's about time and balance. Homeowners using Accelerated Banking focus not on rates but on the average daily balance. That's the source of the cost on interest and time"

Homeowners can learn more about the Accelerated Banking concept through a free informational webinar: 

The Conclusion of Legitimacy

One of the most telling signs if anything is legit is the results. Accelerated Banking, at the time of this article, does boast a very strong reputation. On the Better Business Bureau, they sport an A+ rating with over 150 "Five Star" reviews. On TrustPilot, they are rated "Excellent" with over a 4.9 star rating. The results are fairly consistent. 

One reviewer writes: 

"Accelerated Banking is presenting an incredible opportunity to learn the information of freedom of paying mortgages for years on end. They are truly trying to help people learn the techniques of financing a home without paying huge amounts of interest. This is nothing I learned in school or from my parents. I thought it was too good to be true. I am very excited to say it is true & my mortgage will be paid off in 3 years." This review comes from Michelle Carr, a real-life client of Accelerated Banking.

Another reviewer writes:

"I'm very thankful for the Accelerated Banking program to educate me [on] the method to pay down my mortgage in [a] much shorter term (I had 15-yr mortgage term, but I'm saving even more with this method/program). I wished I had known about it much earlier. My success coach, Patrick, has been very efficient and honest with the coaching sessions, and I look forward to continue learning from the ABC community lifelong." This review is written on Trustpilot by Shinhee C.

Readers can read more reviews on 

In the End

While even Sam Kwak admits that Accelerated Banking is not for everyone, it is a very powerful concept. With a track record of hundreds of five-star reviews and years of experience, one can conclude that Accelerated Banking is a legitimate company. 

Homeowners can schedule a free consultation to see if Accelerated Banking can help them save money and time here:

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