Abstract Indigo Highlights the Benefits of Single Page Web Design

Many companies benefit from the use of single page web design reports Abstract Indigo.

Website designers understand the importance of engaging visitors as the average Internet user has an attention span of approximately eight seconds. For many years, intricate features were used to draw in visitors, but a change was seen in 2013, one involving the use of single page websites. "As single page websites were very successful for a number of companies, this trend is expected to continue in 2014 and beyond," Mark Roberts of Abstract Indigo, a web design London firm, declares.

Users find single page websites to be effective as there is no need to refresh the page when one is navigating the site. If the content isn't on the current page, it may be quickly loaded, making the entire site more responsive, and the web design London company focuses on quality rather than quantity. "Although some companies need a website that encompasses many pages, the single page website design is one that should never be dismissed without consideration," Roberts continues.

One major benefit of choosing a single page website lies in the fact that the site stands out from competitors. Web designers find this design method lends itself well to sites that serve one product, rather than a range of products and services and it continues to be the preferred solution for apps designed for use on mobile devices. "Single page web design benefits site visitors in many ways, yet also benefits site developers as it offers a number of advantages when it comes to search engine optimization," Roberts explains.

Website designers find single page website design allows for easier maintenance as there is only one page to manage. Furthermore, the Google PageRank applies to the entire site and the content density is easier to read for search engine spiders. According to Roberts, this helps to raise the rank of the website so all parties involved with the site, from the user to the web designer, benefit from the use of this technique.

"Abstract Indigo offers a wide range of website design services, with single page web design being only one. The goal is to assess the needs of the individual client and determine the web design services which best meet his or her needs. From web design and e-commerce to PPC management and consultation, Abstract Indigo is ready to assist customers to take their site to places only imagined," Roberts proclaims.

About Abstract Indigo:
Abstract Indigo, a London based web design agency, creates websites that work for clients, believing that the site needs to be a work of art as well as being a functional tool for the business. Offering web development and consulting services, Abstract Indigo helps clients improve the performance of the site, analyzing the traffic data of the site and improving conversion rates. The goal remains to create websites that work hard for their clients every day.

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