About Kitchens and Bath Announces Addition Of Fabuwood Cabinets

About Kitchens & Bath, the Annapolis Kitchen and Bath company announced that they would be carrying Fabuwood cabinets.

The fastest growing cabinet supplier in the nation, Fabuwood, is now part of the product line at About Kitchens & Bath, an Annapolis Kitchens and Bath remodeling company.

“Fabuwood is growing so fast because they offer quality cabinets at reasonable prices,” said Steve Gordon, a spokesman for Blulo, the company which handles About Kitchens’ public relations. “Their products range from classical to contemporary. Their cabinets are also all plywood stock, no particle or waferboard, so they will last for many years.”

Mr. Gordon said the Annapolis remodeler is particularly pleased to announce it is a certified dealer because Fabuwood deals with high-end remodelers.

Fabuwood’s state-of-the-art painting and staining service now allows for customers to purchase unfinished kitchen products elsewhere. Items such as hoods and other accessories can be finished by Fabuwood to precisely match the kitchens the customer has purchased.

“If a customer has a specific color scheme in mind, Fabuwood and About Kitchens can match that,” Mr. Gordon said. “If the customer isn’t sure what colors will work best, a representative from About Kitchens can make suggestions and offer samples to take home to gauge against what is already there.”

Fabuwood has recently added countertops to its product line, which About Kitchens will also be carrying.

“Fabuwood carries and extensive line of kitchen furniture products. Most people can find exactly what they want in the catalogue, but Fabuwood and About Kitchens do offer custom work as well,” Mr. Gordon said. “A person can order cabinets and countertops from the same supplier and be absolutely certain of getting the right colors and designs."

Some people may prefer tile, which Annapolis kitchen and bathAbout Kitchens also supplies. The company works with tile suppliers from everywhere to make sure it has a wide selection of Annapolis tiles for every customer to review.

“Tiles make excellent splash guards at the sink and can add color and design to a kitchen,” Mr. Gordon said.

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