ABCB Regulation Changes Result in Lower Cost Buildings

New NCC Regulations will make building easier and more cost effective than ever for companies like Best Plumbers Perth.

Throughout 2014, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB), in combination with commonwealth, state, and territory building ministers, have been in talks about possible revisions to the NCC.  While the National Construction Code has served to increase performance and quality in buildings constructed under its guidance, it has recently been determined to be too strict in some of its codes, leading to increases in building costs without a significant increase in safety.  Recently releases changes to the ABCB has resulted in a far more streamlined version of the code that is cheaper and easier to comply with, but doesn’t sacrifice the safety of new construction as a result.

Recent experience with extreme weather events has proven that the existing codes for how buildings are designed and built are inadequate to meet the demands of these kinds of weather events.  This was one of the major talking points that came up as the plans for reform were discussed.

Elements of the Recent Revision

- Adequate Health and Safety levels being attained in new construction.
- Building and Plumbing standards for construction of new Australian construction.
- Cost Vs Durability and Safety requirements
- Alteration of Amendment Cycle
- Cost of future NCC Editions

The cost of construction was a major element, especially as pertains to making new construction resistant to extreme weather conditions.  Ratified in June, and ready to take effect in 2015, the newest edition of the NCC is going to be available online for free.  Previous editions of this manual cost as much as $400, which could make it difficult for many small businesses to obtain.  This is one of many changes made in the document to ensure that communities are able to afford to continue to build new homes and offices while ensuring safe and durable construction.

Companies like Best Plumbers Perth are already taking steps to modify their policies to keep them in line with the newest NCC.  Their reputation for standing by their construction and consistently meeting current building codes has made them the emergency plumber Perth relies on when they want the job done right.

ABCB is a COAG (Council of Australian Government) that is responsible for writing a body of standards that have become the National Construction Code.  The NCC is a combination of two bodies of work, the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).  By being an element of all levels of the Australian government, it helps to ensure a consistent set of codes for addressing amenity, sustainability, and health and safety in construction.

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